Three Industrial ETFs That Are Outperforming

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas reports on 3 top performing Industrial ETFs. He speaks to Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Manufacturing etf to talk about.

The closest you can get his industrials.

The industrial sector etf's have grown the fastest.

They have doubled in size and people are pouring money into this base.

As adam johnson says, as jobs go, so goes the stock.

When a business is thriving and hiring, it is obviously doing well.

That is right.

It is out facing the s&p. the flows are chasing performance of it.

You have a lot of return dispersion.

Return dispersion, what is that?

This is market cap weighted and you get a lot of concentration.

This is what people go into.

More liquid than water.

There is another one.

The powershares dynamic industrial sector etf.

This is not one that does market cap weighting.

This is smart beta.

They do some things to get it or returns so one of this is a screen on fundamentals than they way to the stocks equally and what you have is small-cap exposure and a lot more exposure to airlines in this one.

10% airlines.

That has propelled it to 42% return year-to-date over excel i -- xli.

They are based on industrials.

We see different levels of return.


That is why looking under the hood is important.

The other is the ishares global industrials.

The rest is japan and europe.

This is up 25%. if you are looking at theindustrial etf's -- looking at the industrial etf's. this is a great example of looking at the choices you have available.

Another group you brought along was though centered around gold.

I love gold miners because the matter what the price in gold does they never seem to keep up and the price of gold has come crashing down lately.

Are they going to pop?

What are we looking for and why do they move differently?

There were other things that were wrong with them.

Management problems, all kinds of fundamental issues.

We have seen is some of the smartest money is going into gold miners.

They took in $4 billion last year while the price cap tanking.

People kept trying to call the bottom.

The price to book ratio on averages about one.

It has to have a bottom somewhere.

One of those is the market factors, gdx.

This is trading $780 million a day.

Like oracle.

Talk about more liquid than water.

It is very to quit.

This is down 50%. three times as volatile as the s&p. if you want to get more risky, this is five times as volatile.

It went down 60%. the thing with this one is the last time the miners had a good -- a big rebound this went down.

A third choice, here's the big risk which is noted.

The gold miners three times bowl which is the leverage play.

This took in $1.4 billion last year while it lost 95%. it is a speculation here but this one trades about as much as whole foods.

The direction has jnub.

Even riskier.

Risk on.

10 times more valuable -- volatile than the s&p. thank you.

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