Three Clear Options for Dell Shareholders

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July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan reports on Dell shareholder options and impactions that will have for a Dell deal. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

April followed very closely because he announced that he is going to sweeten his bid for dell.

So a big deal there.

He also told us that he would be offering a warrant for $20, a 20 dollars strike price.

His old ideas trying to convince shareholders to go to his side because he is a big big coming up.

What is mr.

Icahn's set right now?

One, you can vote no, he would like you to vote no -- vote no against mr.



By the way, if you do vote no, you would so get your 1355 for michael dell in silver lake appeared you could vote yes, and definitely opt for your 1365 , or you can vote to exercise your appraisal rights, and this is what he is trying to encourage people to do right now.

If you do that is, then it goes to a delaware court, and one judge has the power to decide what the true value of the company is.

One judge.

So it is a little bit of a gamble, a little bit of a wild card, but michael dell and silver lake don't like the idea of this hanging over their head.

The ones that?

-- who wants that?

The headache silver lake as if they actually succeed at this thing, is this a growing business?

He does believe that there is opportunity.

It is not a falling knife as iss advised shareholders.

Listen to what he said here -- iss, and all respect, and i do respect them, aren't analysts.

I don't think they claimed to be.

So i am surprised that they save it is a falling knife.

They are just drinking the kool- aid that dell tells them.

I think they are in a pc area with a secular change coming on.

Dell will be able to take advantage of that.

He also makes a good point that why would michael dell and silver lake be trying to take this company private if they did not think it had some opportunity down the road?

Let's face it -- everyone is in a two make money.

But the important thing to remover here is for all his agitating, carl icahn potentially coming in with a fourth awful this morning, he has not really changed this morning.

Went i agree with trish, the $20 war and is a bigger.

Michael, help me with this, 13 something, all of a sudden, trish, he is at $20, and you and i know there is a net value to it.

The way he made before we went on camera, the have got to get to $20. michael holland, is there even a hope and prayer this dog can get to $20? it would be very skeptical.

It would take a long time.

You have to really believe in a long-term of the company.

We just heard that.

He is giving the opportunity to capture the upside.

What i think is interesting is the third choice.

The fact that you can exercise your appraisal rights, and you've got 60 days, sort of a home free territory, to actually decide whether you really want to do that.

What carl probably is hoping is that michael and silver lake come in and say we just need to make this go away.

Raising price him and a yugo because they don't want to have it hanging hanging over their heads for the next two years.

I think this is the most important point since the 1980's. since the gulf war -- wire you up so early?

I am here to talk to you, tom.

Thank you, trish.

Carl icahn wins either way.

The backdrop is that -- by the way, they are saying, i don't know if we have time, but their responses that here, i will show you the response.

If a sufficiently large number , and those do not agree --

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