The Three Cities Facing NFL Playoff Blackouts

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) –- Len Deluca & Associates Founder Len Deluca and Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman discuss the network blackout rules and their impact on three NFL playoff games that are scheduled to be played this weekend. They speak to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Potential nfl blackouts.

Three of the playoffs games are not sold out three why is that?

I think you look at the fact that there was such a cost and also such a demand, but the combination of our short-term numbers and the demand immediately coming up on six days notice, it's a stretch.

And yes, i think you said it in the tease a couple of moments ago, the experience at home is a comfortable experience and the nfl is confronting that.

The former oakland raider president was talking about how the emphasis for the nfl right now is to increase that experience at the games, to make it very attractive for people to spend that hundreds of dollars for those tickets.

That is what the push poll is, particularly on short notice when you don't know what time, saturday or sunday, and that's why you are looking at currently a lack out rule which was the subject of a legal entanglement.

I was just speaking with the former ceo of the raiders he basically thinks is lack out rule is irrelevant.

Yet there is an argument for local communities to continue to have this rule in place area -- have this rule in place.

And there is a risk at the game is being blacked out.

What kind of costas is to the networks?

A love it when you go into the end of the regular season and you don't know which teams are going to make the playoffs.

That boosts the ratings.

But then you are left in this kind of situation were not enough people had enough time to go buy tickets because they didn't know their team is going to make it to the playoffs.

This will always be a concern to the networks and for the cable companies.

How often are we talking these days about the fear of people just not signing up for cable or canceling the cable?

Live sports is the one big reason people have to hold on to their cable package.

Football is certainly at the top of that list.

Any time you frustrate fans, that is a big deal.

Are they going to be blacked out or will they sell out in time?

Fax i think there will be a rush -- i think there will be a rush and this is where cbs, fox and his affiliates will all get involved in cell up and do the right thing for the local community.

But the bottom line is that it's better if it is shown in the area and i think it should be sold out.

We will have to leave it there.

We will be right back.

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