Thousands Protest HKTV License Refusal

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Angie Lau reports on HKTV being denied a free-to-air license. She speaks to Susan Li on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

A license while granting 12 other stations in the process.

Angie lau is watching the story for us.

Really, it is a protest against how much freedom we have.

And really beyond, not getting a license, having to cut 320 employees that now have no idea how they are going to find their salary and paid for their kids and put food on the table.

It goes to, as you said, freedom of choice, medium could -- media control, the fact, the process -- perception, of influence over hong kong.

That is why you saw these people in the street.

There was a journalist conference happening over the weekend.

Many of those groups such -- shirt a second -- shirked a second.

Taiwanese journalists, media association, and they hit the streets because they are protesting against the black box operation of the government, essentially, the government being very nontransparent here, making exclusive, arbitrary decisions for hong kong people and not sharing exactly what went into the decision-making process.

They were invited to apply for the application.

Take a look at the drop on the day after the decision was made.

Both were approved, those licenses.

Surging one hundred 55%.

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