CEO Thompson: McDonald's Is a Lightning Rod

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- McDonald's President and CEO Don Thompson discusses the McWrap and other new products with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Back with don th ompson, ceo and president.

We are showing the video of me making the mcwrap for you.

I was ok when i woke up this morning.

Food safety is critical importance to us.

I made sure to appear to your guidelines.

This has been a big deal for your restaurant.

You had to add in the new vegetables.

Cucumbers for instance.

What is your goal here?

How big do you expect it to be?

I think it is a great platform.

Almost like a portable satellite.

Great, a fresh vegetables and produce.

Shredded lettuce, 16 variety lettuce mix.

Sliced cucumbers, and grilled chicken or crispy chicken.

The party itself.

Rice, wine, vinegar all great products.

-- the wrap itself.

You said last year the menu seem to lack energy.

You did not want to repeat that.

What was wrong?

It is always about opportunity.

Some of the opportunities for products around the world like the mcwraps that originated in poland.

To come to the u.s. is a great on strike to introduce new vegetables.

We want to focus on some of the key growth areas, beverages, a breakfast, chicken products.

In a bit of the entrees -- inovative entrees.

That is why you see egg white delights.


We have to remind customers that we have real fruit smoothies.

It is pureed fruit.


May go pineapple.

Strawberry banana.

These things are really great additions to the menu.

I noticed you use the word real emphatically.

People say mcdonald's is not real food.

How does that make you feel?

Love to cook.

I am ok at it.

My family says i am ok at it.

I understand great produce, a great protein.

I visit our suppliers.

We have tremendously high quality we have a huge grocery list that gives us leverage in terms of buying power.

How can consumers still say it is not real food?

People need to get to know who we are as for donald.

-- as mcdonald's. when they say you meet your beef is 100% real beef?

Your chicken, yes, it is.

It is breast meat chicken and whole muscle breast meat chicken.

Is is why you're adding in the egg whites?

Is this your emphasis of saying you are trying to offer healthy food?

Health will be determined by the person who decides to buy it.

I will tell you, yes, more fruits and vegetables is part of our plan.

I would say you a big mac, two all beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles onions on a sizzling seed bun, it is all real food.

. it is all very fresh food.

Because of the number of people we serve, it is not get fresher.

Our eggs -- i challenge you will sometimes and i say how long have your expert in your greater -- in your refrigerator?

People do not know.

If you get an egg from us, is one of the freshest you'll ever have.

The turnover.

Our suppliers are household names.

They are the cargills of the world.

We all buy from them.

We happen to be a pretty big customer there.

I want people to understand as mcdonald's, we have always supported high quality food and support farmers.

Fresh foods.

What we provide is great taste to our customers.

That is what we will keep providing.

Some of these new entrees showed off a logo more.

I like it when the lettuce comes out of the top of the rap and you go, wow, this is pretty would -- pretty good.

At the annual meeting, you have question after question including a nine-year-old girl who asked you why are you marketing fatty foods to children and why are you increasing and encouraging the obesity problems in america?

Do you feel you're going to keep getting the question asked you?

There are a lot of questions will keep getting.

We are a lightning rod because of our size,. we will keep answering the questions.

I think the bigger perspective -- i go back to a comment i made.

I would offer to any of our customers and consumers in general, get to know mcdonald's and your own research, your own data.

Don't listen to what someone says and don't listen to just what i say.

Do your own research.

I think what you will find you understand this is a broader issue in the world, broader than mcdonald's. some responsibility is to encourage americans to eat healthier and to help reduce the obesity problem?

There is a responsibility we have as a socially responsible business to be able to help people -- our customers realize they have opportunities to get whatever does they like to get.

Also, that yes, we can help the change.

We have done that.

We have added more fruits and vegetables and change our milk.

We try to make containers more appealing because children -- they can drink more milk am a this would help from a calcium perspective.

That is an area that is a distortion thing -- a deficiency.

We have done a lot of things.

We will continue to try to do more.

When parents say you are marketing fatty foods to my kids, what you said to them?

I say what is the last time you saw ronald eating food marketing to your children.

You have not seen him do that.

That was a big thing, people attack while mcdonald, who was ever presented for the charity.

You have never seen while do that.

He is a clown.

He represents our charity.

You have not seen that.

The average person eats at mcdonald's 3-4 times a month.

Here is a question just -- i am a parent of two children.

I know what my kids eat and i know what i allow my kids to eat.

I would bring my kids to mcdonald's then and i will bring them now because the food is high-quality, safe and they have choices.

If my kids want to have fries, i will my kids have fries if they are active and if they are moving.

There is nothing wrong with having some fries.

Burgers and fries are an american stable.

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