Thompson: McDonald's Stands for Opportunity

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- McDonald's President and CEO Don Thompson discusses the company's leadership and culture on with Betty Liu Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

I have my diploma here.

It says bachelor of hamburger ology.


Not easy to attain.

Always ongoing education.

Are you ready for the next phase?

We want to talk about that next.

Rick clarke created hamburger university because he wanted to provide a training ground for your response.

Almost 3 million in sales.

Puc an improvement in sales -- do you see an improvement in sales?

What we see is improvement in management.

You did not get a chance to become a restaurant manager until you have qualified by and restaurant training and out of press run training and education.

Everything from people practices, operational platform management, supply chain management -- clearly food quality and safety, what it means to market locally.

What the local community means -- all of these kinds of things, strategic planning to how much labor you have in the restaurant -- all of these things are things managers learn as they are developing.

You learn this as an assistant manager, a department manager.

So we're very girl -- big on ongoing education for managers.

As they move forward to management, than supervision and to the system like the chief operating officer globally.

As i mentioned earlier, the second-largest private employer here in the united states.

People often have the perception that the mcdonald's job is a low-paying low-skill jobs.

You feel a bigger responsibility to make sure there is a pathway to higher levels of the company?

When i started with mcdonald's 23 years ago i came here as an electrical engineer.

I had no idea what mcdonald's meant or what had happened.

Over the past 23 years i have seen amazing things.

40 percent of our executive started as hourly employees.

Over 50 percent of the franchisees', those that own and operate restaurants started as hourly employees.

There was no -- is no other institution that can boast of those kinds of opportunities and success stories across the system.

What we're really about is making sure of regardless of where you came from in life -- some of those people have high- school diplomas only.

Some of them have their mb a's, but every last one of them has the opportunity to show what they can do.

We stand for opportunity, always has.

Also a very diverse system.

We represent those who walk through the people who walk through the doors.

Supplier base, very diverse.

One of the most diverse in the world.

Customers are the check point.

As you are quite aware, in the past week or so the company has been under fire for the financial planning web site that was created a few years ago.

People that were former mcdonald's employees have said it shows mcdonald's is out of touch with the minimum wage worker.

They do not understand what it is like to work -- live on minimum wage?

To go -- i will be kind, i will say i find a lot of the comments interesting.

This web site has been out there about five years.

It was intended to do something very simple, to help someone who might be helping -- entering the work force for the first time for someone who has not had management training to be able to manage finances.

You can go online now and there are 1000 of these kinds of websites out there.

Five years ago to provide something like that internally i thought it was a very innovative idea.

When i was at the denver age, i did not know about financial planning or management.

It really took my wife to help me out.

I would have loved to have something to help guide me through.

That is what the tool was all about.

2 line items for income.

They said $20 unrealistic.

Is is intended as a to-person household.

It is intended to be a tool to help the person plan, regardless of the demographic.

To go what they were saying is it shows whether or not mcdonald's shows it is difficult and impossible in many ways to live on minimum wage in the united states, and therefore, it should be raised in the u.s.. do you agree with that?

Picco i think we have legislators and many people that will determine whether or not it should be raised.

We of 07 and above minimum wage employer and have provided opportunity.

-- we have always been an above minimum which employ year.

We are about providing opportunity.

A lot of people can debate the entry-level point.

We will continue to provide entry-level jobs.

There was a time one of every 10 people have worked at mcdonald's. would we can provide the number of jobs we can and when we can help people to hell have a viable income, we will provide that opportunity so the person can rise to the system and gain greater and greater wealth.

This is not about a tool, not about whether or not it is about the minimum wage.

Would we do that, we will continue to grow and take care of our people.

Think you.

I know you will return in a few minutes.

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