Thompson: I lost 20 Pounds Eating at McDonald's

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- McDonald's CEO Don Thompson reveals how he ate at McDonald's every day and lost 20 pounds. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

Customers, don thompson told analysts at a sanford bernstein conference about how he lost 20 pounds eating only mcdonald's. during the week, i am here every day.

On the weekends, sometimes if we are out, i like to stop into a restaurant.

Everyone makes their personal choices.

I made a choice because i was traveling a lot, a lot of things going on, i told myself i had to get back into working out.

I fell off the wagon.

I began to work out more.

That has helped me tremendously.

Can you understand how that got blown up?

When they hear that you eat at mcdonald's every day and you lost weight, how is that possible?

Can you understand why people can be startled by that?

Not really in the me tell you why.

Let me substitute mcdonald's. if i say it a eight and a fine dining restaurant every night and managed to lose weight, okay.

If i am out and i have a big stake -- steak or ribs, if i'm having that late at night and then go to bed, i will put on a few pounds.

It is surprising.

Mcdonald's is kind of a beacon.

People say, how could that possibly be?

We posted our nutritional content.

Look at that and compare that to other offerings in the marketplace, whether at fine dining -- in france, you have people cooking with butter all the time.

If i am in france, i will have a great dinner, whether at a mcdonald's or another establishment.

My point is this.

It is calories in, calories out.

I do not just eat food for sustenance.

Customers want great taste.

I have been eating at mcdonald's for a number of years.

I do better when i'm eating at mcdonald's than when i'm off to something different.

That man is a believer.

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