McDonald's CEO: More Customers Counting Calories

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- McDonald's President and CEO Don Thompson discusses healthy eating with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Speaking at a conference and during the q and a session, someone asked you about this obesity question question.

You shots back and said -- i want to pull up the quote.

You said i eat at mcdonald's every single day in the last year or so.

I am down about 20 pounds.

I got up and started working out again.

All of us have to make personal choices.

You lost 20 pounds while eating mcdonald's everything ok.

What did you eat?

During the week, i am here everything ok.

On the weekends, sometimes if we are out, i always stop in the restaurant.

I will tell you what ie is -- i am almost -- all over the menu.

I will have an egg white the light one day, the way with canadian bacon.

Another one with a sausage patty.

Some days, i will have oatmeal.

I've got to try a hash brown every now and then.

The exercising -- it was a comment i made about me.

It started getting taken out of context.

What was taken out of context?

Everyone has to make their own personal choices.

I made a choice because i was traveling a lot and a lot of things going on.

I used to work out more and i had fallen off the wagon.

I began to work out more.

It helped me tremendously.

As i began to do it, i began to feel better and i will tell you mcdonald's for lunch some days i would have a southwest salad and some days a big mac.

Some days i will have fries because i can't give a fries.

I will go extra on the treadmill on the elliptical.

I probably have fries a couple of times a week.

Large, smart, medium?

Just depends on the day and what i have got going on.

These days, if i'm in a bunch of meetings, it might be a small order.

If i am running around a lot, it might be a larger order.

When they hear you eat at mcdonald's every day and you lost weight, how's that possible, can you understand what why people would be startled by that?

Not really.

Let me tell you why.

If i said i ate at a fine dining restaurant every night, and i managed to lose weight, ok.

Now, if i am out and i have a pretty big state -- s teak or a rack of ribs with great food, if i'm having that late at night, i might put on a few pounds.

The surprising part to me is that again as mcdonald's come a we are a beacon.

When people say, that possibly being?

-- be, we post our nutritionals and caloric content.

You have mentioned in france the people cook with butter all the time.

It is great tasting food.

If i am in france, i'm going to have a great dinner whether it be at a mcdonald's restaurant or another establishment.

My point is this -- everyone has -- it is calories in, calories out.

You have to watch what is you are putting in angela s level of activity.

I wanted and it tastes great.

Customers want great tasting food.

I have been eating at mcdonald's for a number of years.

I do better when i am eating at mcdonald's than when i am off doing something different.

You said something interesting when you said you are a beacon for these issues and obesity is one of them.

Coca-cola is as well.

These are companies that are giants in their own industry.

When people say and attack mcdonald's, they're looking for you to leadership and guidance.

Do you think the fact that you will always sell the backs, always so french fries illegitimate nuggets, there is not a way for you to win this -- chicken mcnuggets?

I don't know what we will be selling 10 years from now but it will be what customers want.

We are restaurant business and customers are our business.

They don't want salads, they want workers.

-- burgers.

If we don't sell them in the traditional way, maybe we can sell them in a wrap.

For us, it is about how we satisfy those -- and there are customers that are saying how many calories are there and where did it come from?

Give us some transparency.

These are things we have always done.

We know where it comes from.

Do you make money off of salads?

We make money off of products that most -- most that we would serve in a restaurant.

We can make -- we sell ourselves at a lesser price than where you would buy in most places.

We are able to do that.

No one else has a dollar sized salads.

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