This Was Not a Class Warfare Speech: Hunt

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Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Al Hunt and Joshua Green discuss President Obama’s State of the Union address with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “State of the Union Special.” (Source: Bloomberg)

How one happy the republicans were.

On the income inequality issue, this is not what would -- what he was been saying.

At davos, that was a big issue.

It was not class warfare.

I thought he did today again.

This was touted as a speech that would be heavy on this and there was nothing on the rich.

Even when he needled them with the 40 votes for obama care repeal.

It was a businesslike tone . a clinton style move trying to get actionable things accomplished.

The overall tone of the speech was reasonable.

A lot like the speech in charlotte that was so effective on his behalf.

He presented that not as a victory for democrats and republicans but common sense things that can move this forward.

He did not cut off any opportunities to get things done.

To josh's point about this being a business tone the speech, you heard the president say that he is the chief executive.

That is who was presenting this speech tonight.

It was one paragraph out of the entire speech.

They also talked about not getting the unemployment insurance extended than that is one area they see the opening to be able to get something done.

They are starting to see the three-month extension when it comes to unemployment insurance.

He and washington realizing that the partisanship we have seen over the course of the last few years.

It did not work and resulted in the government shutdown.

To your point, it did not have quite the knife in the world do so to speak.

He was building on the success of the budget deal and knows the path forward is defined as some way to cooperate on immigration reform or maybe there's an opening on the other

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