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June 26 (Bloomberg) -- Efi Cohen-Arazi, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Rainbow Medical, talks with Elliott Gotkine about innovations to help those who have lost their vision and their partnership with Medtronic on a nerve stimulation product. He speaks on “The Pulse.”

Rayburn medical.

You recently closed a $13 million funding ground.

Tell us about it and when we see it hitting the markets?

We have developed an incredible miniature implant that restores vision for blinded people.

People who are blinded by the breakout of the retina, there are millions and the people -- millions of people suffering with this condition.

This is an incredible implant.

It can restore vision to blind people.

Which should find people -- when is it available for them?

In 2016, we will have the device already tested.

2017, it would be widespread use.

You signed a deal with metro.

What is special about your device?

We developed an injectable wireless neurostimulator and moderator.

The hottest area in the medical device area -- we believe we have multiple indications, one product.

It will be at first for in continents or chronic -- in continents or chronic pain.

From that we can take it too many other him medical conditions.

That was the interest that medtronic.

We would love to talk longer about this.

We wish you the best of luck with these interesting devices.

The ceo and cofounder of rainbow medical.

Back to you and your bionic man fantasies.

These things are going to be happening.

Coming up next, the fight heard round the world that is left a bad taste in some sponsors mouse.

-- mouths.

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