U.S.-Russia Relations 'Could Not Be Worse': Bremmer

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "This Matters Now," Ian Bremmer, founder & president at Eurasia Group, talks with Tom Keene about the issues facing President Barack Obama ahead of this week's G-20 meeting in Russia. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Good morning, everyone.

Bloomberg "surveillance." ian bremer with us.

You know him from his wonderful concept, a g-0 nation.

This is after the wonderful success of pittsburgh.

The president leaves for meetings in st.


Historically fractious moment.

The g-20 meeting being hosted.

U.s.-russia relations could not be worse right now.

All of the revelations continue to come out on the nsa surveillance internationally.

The brazilians think they may cancel the summit because they were engaging in surveillance of the president.

This serious situation with the americans trying very hard to push a coalition together.

What is the best practices of the president?

He does not want the g-zero world.

What does he have to do?

What is the to do list?

He would have to show more interest and willingness to take leadership.

John kerry tried to do that.

You saw it this weekend.

You were vicious on twitter.

He absolutely got hurt by obama's decision to go to congress.

He said this cannot stand, we're going to take action, we're going to respond.

In the arab league we said we would like it to go through the u.n.. once the u.s. is already out there, why should they say anything or be supportive?

British, same situation.

Germans, same situation.

Canadians have told us they're not part of this.

Americans affectively are going with the french.

What should we look for out of the meetings?

This is not a photo op.

This is worse.

It is worse than that, although your bow tie helps.

What we have to look for is where are the russians and all of this?

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