Third Quarter Was Best in Six Flags History: CEO

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Six Flags Chairman and CEO Jim Reid-Anderson discusses the fatal rollercoaster accident at the Six Flags Over Texas theme park and the company's third-quarter earnings with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Great fun riding around on the roller coasters.

You are in your office and the phone rings, and what happened when you got that news in texas?

Obviously, i was greatly distressed, as was everyone in the company.

We put safety as a number one priority, said to have a loss of life is a worst-case scenario.

We are very sad.

We extend our condolences to the family that is impacted, but, you know, we move forward, and the ride is open again.

You set forward money from the earnings this morning.

Any word on when that will actually get paid out?

We are in the middle of litigation.

The process is ongoing right now, and as you know, adam, it could take a short time, or it can take a long time.

It is hard for me to comment.

One of the lessons learned coming out of this thing, you have now on some big rides, like that one, you have put the seat out in the line so people can figure out whether or not they are comfortable in the first place.

Yes, as i say, safety is our number one priority, and in this case, we put in overlapping safety measures and incremental measures.

We look at every single ride and system to make sure that this sort of thing cannot happen again.

Greg yes, understand.

Moving on to the numbers, the numbers up about two percent.

How does that compare?

You know what?

We have had a phenomenal not only quarter but year to date.

Our quarter is the best quarter in the company's history on any comparable basis, the best quarter, and year today, the same thing.

The numbers are at an all-time high.

We do not disclose what we are planning, but you can rest assured we feel pretty good.

You talked about threefold.

It is actually up fivefold from when we started coming out of bankruptcy, fivefold.

I would not want to cheat you of the twofold.

You are a numbers man through and through.

This season passes, are they still big?

I know that was something that you initiated, giving season passes, so people would come back and spend money.

As you know, it is very important for us to penetrate the season pass, and we have done that.

Last year, we ended up with 44% of all of our attendance, and our goal is to exceed that.

They'd returned multiple times and spend more money, so you get higher revenue, and you get higher profitability.

Capital expenditures come he told me once before, about nine percent of revenues.

Is that what we're going to see again this year?

You absolutely are going to see it again.

We have got all time highs on satisfaction, the same with employee satisfaction, and we have got every single park next year that will have something.

I've record raking rides coming, including some that you need to go on.

You have got this other roller coaster that will wrap inside or go around.

415 feet, 90 miles per hour, the highest in the world.

You would like it.

I tell you, we are out of time.

I will make a deal with you.

Will you take me down?

I will do that with you happily, but i do not want you to forget that we still have five percent yield.

We are generating $2.33 in cash earnings per share, and we are still on track for three dollars by a future date.

As i said, you are a numbers man, and you're also a great salesman.

A kid at heart.

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