These Sunglasses Are Designed to Make You Happy

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Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Spy Optic's Jim Sepanek discusses the technology behind company's "happy lens." He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

But smaller players making an impact with innovative products.

Very glad to have you with us.

You have happy lenses.

You have treated the lands and it is going to let more of the right light in.

It will increase my serotonin level.

This is designed to maximize the longwave bluelight which is what affects your circadian rhythm.

Your body clock.

By letting in this longwave bluelight into your brain it releases serotonin, providing an uplift in mood.

This really works.

I am trusting you.

Other companies like phillips are using lightbulbs for seasonal affective disorder.

We are up to speed on this.

It resets your body clock.

How long did it take to develop this?

It took two years.

The dose is based on happy.

We are a fun and irreverent brand.

We tried to -- we look for answers to how we could put a smile on peoples faces everyday.

Who is the end-user, who are you are you selling to?

We sell to the trade level but the end consumer is people who live and work and play outdoors and are trying to do things that make them happy.

When you say trade level, we mentioned sunglass hut.

We sell to independent optical, any place where they can sell a previous -- a premium sunglass, we are there.

Is there ever a day when people will be reimbursed by their insurance company using this?

In the optical side of the business, there already is.

That is part of a health benefit . either that will continue especially as it relates to therapy or light therapy or things of that nature.

Have you ever discussed the partnership, we have been talking a lot about google glass and we have never -- have you ever spoken to anyone at google and tried to combine forces question -- combine forces?

That would be an interesting discussion.

You were kind enough to bring one.

I will give it a go.

It just works like magic.

How long does it take, how many days before you feel these effects?

The idea, the lands is a premium sunglass lens.

It has a polarized effect and has our digital technologies that provides prism correction.

Ultimately that will help you to raise your mood.

They are really stylish.

They look good.

We have internal designers.

We have -- everything comes from within our company.

If it is good enough for us, we think will -- it will be good enough for consumers that are looking for these product.

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