Why the Tinder App Is Heating Up Online Dating

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Nick Summers reports on Tinder, a new online dating app. He speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

It has been gaining unpopularity.


usa said she was using it.

Yes, she was found ontindfer.

It's an ? a, not a website.

Websites you browse alone at home and keep a spreadsheet and keep track of everyone.

Tinder is an app for young social people.

They pull it out at bars and pass the phone around and there is only one thing to do -- you are shown a picture of someone near to you, you swipe to the right if you like them and swipe to the left if you don't and that one interaction has driven incredibly addictive.

People than get matched up and there have been marriages out of this?

The company claims there have been 50 marriage proposals.

It is hard to verify.

This company is interesting in itself.

It is not a startup.

They have a college dropout founder and they built it mostly in one day.

Who are the founders?

One went to the university of southern california and a few other guys involved.

One guy responsible for the design and one responsible for the swipe gesture and one responsible for the rollout.

They launched all of this on college campuses?

Facebook started out famously at harvard, columbia and these guys started out at used just -- at uc -- at usc and party schools.

Why is it not like a startup?

It was imminent and computer -- it was in an incubator atiac owned by barry diller.

They are the biggest shareholder.

They have a controlling equity stake and they are thrilled with this because it is growing and it plugs into their business model where anybody who uses an app of any kind eventually uses match.com iac is thrilled with this getting a new generation used to the idea of dating online.

As long as they are on that app so how do they make money?

Right now, they don't. the ceo says it can but they will not try for a while.

They are ok with it being the gateway to match.com.

What is the future?

If they are not looking for venture capital and they have iac, are they looking for an ipo?

We will never cn ipo.

The founders prefer to avoid this because it's fun to be a startup and the fastest-growing thing around.

This thing was though partially in offices designed by frank gary as opposed to their parents garage.

I tried it and my fiance was not thrilled.

Did you find matches?

I gave it to my editor and i got some matches.

No one wanted to read talk -- no it wanted to talk to a reporter.

Great to see you, thank you.

You can read more when the latest issue of " bloomberg businessweek" comes out tomorrow.

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