6.3-Inch 'Mega Phone' Smart for Samsung: Blair

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Wedge Partners Principal Brian Blair discusses Samsung's new product strategy with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

The name of samsung's new device says it all.

The galaxy mega has a 6.3 inch screen and goes on sale friday.

Samsung is set to launch a smart watch of its own.

I am joined by brian blair in stamford, connecticut, who covers samsung and apple.

I cannot imagine putting this thing up to my ear.

Will people want to use it as a found.

-- will people want to use it as a phone?

I do not think you will be making calls through it.

It will be a lot like the pebble watch.

Other types of simple messaging, a camera.

This is not the tracy -- dick tracy phone people have been waiting for.

Is this something that people will want?

My comment was about the galaxy gear watch.

Regarding the tablets, i think there is a market for it.

Samsung has been successful in trying to find new product sizes between the four inch smartphone and the seven inch tablet.

They have 26 different tablet -- screen sizes, which is interesting.

There is a market for the six point three inch.

There is a lot of demand for a five inch tablet.

They are smart by trying to -- trying to 6.3 inch out.

The volume is more of the question mark.

There is so much demand on either size of the screen size to this product.

Let's we have seen -- we have seen samsung thro products on the moment to see how they do.

-- throw products on the market to see how they do.

Apple is the opposite.

I think it was directly because of all of the strong consumer demand at the five inch level.

Even though we will not see a new screen size from apple next month, i think with the iphone and six in 2014, we almost have to see -- the iphone 6 in 2014, we almost have to see a different screen.

It is strange to hold these up to your ear.

You can use it as a phone, but it still looks a little strange.

Apple needs to move to a larger screen next year, and i think they will.

Back to the galaxy gear.

We're expecting this to be unveiled on september 4 fourth, ahead of apple's iphone event.

What do you make of the timing?

How much does it matter if samsung reveals this he for apple -- before apple reveals anything itself?

First to market is always critical.

If they can get it out to the global consumers that they are the big smart watch player, that will give them a lot of momentum.

It is not clear if apple is going to do this.

The hiring of the key nike personnel likely working on the smart watch, i do not think we will see it from apple anytime soon.

They are working on wearable computing.

We are at the forefront of wearable computing.

Between google glass, the pebble smart watch, to product from samsung, a number of smart watches hitting the market.

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