There Is a Whole World Beyond Bordeaux: Ford

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March 31 (Bloomberg) –- Pudao Wines General Manager Marcus Ford discusses China’s wine market and the growing tastes of the Chinese consumers. He speak to Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

No signs of abating.

Our next guest leads pudao wines . what does that mean?

It is a play on words.

It reflects the path to wine knowledge, if you will.

That is essentially what you have been doing, educating people in china how to drink wine, what is good and what is not.

Moving beyond the borders of this world.

-- the bordeauxs of this world.


Wine as a lifestyle accessory, a trophy, to something that is really consumed and enjoyed.

That is reflected in what people are thinking and buying these days.

But you still have this rush for the obvious stone.

-- still.

Yes, they trophies are still there.

There is a well-established collective market.

As you talk to consumers, as they drink more and takes more, you see there is a whole world beyond bordeaux.

It is -- is it about reexport into china?

The dirty question, really.

How much wine imported into hong kong is reexported or smuggled back to the mainland?

It is hard to gauge.

We don't really know.

Is this market growing still?

Obviously, it is not growing at breakneck speed like three or four years ago.

There has been a correction.

Three or four years ago, in the run-up to 2011 and 2012, there were a lot of players out there.

[indiscernible] never met so many people who did that.

At exactly and some introduced fun went to china.

In 2012, the government said no more fine wine gifts.

No more ostentatious -- it hit people's bottom line.

People started to drink other things.

They weren't looking for trophies.

They were looking for wines as a daily pleasure, something to enjoy.

You brought in three wines that are certainly not trophies.

I will kick off with what i would describe as the most controversial, which is a german wine.

Fairly or unfairly, it has a dreadful reputation because of the days of blue nun.

Does that stigma still attached itself to people who look at german wine?

For some, yes, for some, no.

There is this black nun blue power issue for german wines and scandals in the 1980's. but what has happened in the recent is that people are coming back to german wine.

They are finding a riesling with lots of freshness and a very delicate wine is something to be enjoyed at tables with non-formal wine, if you will.

There is a great potential for that.



Very typical for german wines with a little bit of residual sugar.

So there is a lovely and delicate sweetness about it.

There is also lots of acidity.

Something which is very well understood by the asian palates, if you will.

How much is this?

That is $195. that is reasonable.

This is the best ever cabernet sauvignon that you have ever had.


This is a 2012 -- this is a 2010 from where?

This is from ridge.

One of the 71 that they produced was a top line.

They have been making wine in a very restrained, almost bordeaux-fashion in california for many years.

California is painted unfairly as fruit explosions.

It received very high marks.

Does it bother you that he has so much influence in this industry?

He doesn't he doesn't. he is a reverence -- a reference for anyone who is looking for the styles of wine.

But once you delve into the world of wine a little bit further, you can understand which critics' palates you get aligned to.

How would you look at this spanish?

Wonderful wines.

Very reasonable.

120 hong kong dollars here.

There is a great movement finding older vineyards that have been left unattended and unloved in spain for many years.

And a whole bunch of young ambitious winemakers going back to these vineyards, finding great plots of land, making brilliant wine from sort of derelict vineyards.

Just incredible money when you think about the flavor, the old vines that these ones are coming from.

And spain is a great source for that kind of wine.

Becoming more discovered in hong kong.

If you look at what is happening

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