The World’s First Whisky Fund to Launch in HK

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March 17 (Bloomberg) –- Platinum Whisky Investment Fund CEO Rickesh Kishnani and Platinum Whisky Investment Fund CIO David Robertson discuss the private equity fund they are launching in Hong Kong. They speak to Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)


David robertson is the cio.

You are also the flavor guy.

How did this work?

It is a very simple private equity fund.

We are looking to raise 10 million u.s. dollars to invest in rare limited-edition whiskey.

What has the market been like for whiskey?

We see that the wine market has exploded.

Whiskey has been on the same track.

You have the same supply and demand dynamics.

What you see is even more demand growth in the whiskey sector.

In the last three years, you have the igs index.

I did not know that it existed.

They are looking at a u.k. auction data, the prices of whiskey.

The top 100 bottles alone have increased over 230%. david, people have been restricting to bordeaux and the big named vineyards.

What about whiskey?

There is a range of whiskey.

Kind of like the fine wines in france.

Different vintages, different ages.

One of my favorites, a 1958. this looks so different in the bottle.

This was in 1958? it was distilled in 1958. it was bottled 25 years later.

The presentation has changed quite dramatically.

This looks fairly rudimentary.

Back in the day, we always knew that whiskey was delicious in scotland, though we had not taken into the world.

Sales have exploded in the last 20 years.

The first market which whiskey got into.

Some of those in japan are beating the scots.

It was taiwan in 1997 where we first saw the explosion of whiskey.

We are seeing some interest in mainland china.

It is much broader than wine.

What this comes down to is very simple.

The supply that was planned back in the 1980's did not take into account the growth we are seeing in asia.

We are running out of rare vintage whiskey and that is what our funds will be investing in.

What are we looking at in terms of returns?

The fund life looks at seven years.

We will talk about these whiskeys that we have.

Let's start off with -- a fantastic distillery built in the 1800s. owned by the william grant family.

Never too early.

It is always 6:00 in the evening somewhere in the world.

You should be looking for flavors of spicy, fruit.

This is a very small batch limited-edition.

500 or 1000 pounds a bottle.

It depends on the number of bottles they release.

Huge supply, the price will be soft and -- softened.

This is one of my favorites as well.

This closed in 1983. the industry has seen some ups and downs in scotland.

In 1983, a number of distilleries were closed.

It has been the last 20 years that single malts have come to prominence.

It is really the last couple of decades that single malts have accelerated.

This nose is quite different.

It comes from the malted barley.

We only have 40 seconds left.

Are you actually opening that?

Always nice to share the nice whiskey with new friends.

This was distilled 10 years before i was born.

This is a chance to try liquid gold.

We are officially launching the campaign today.

This is the beginning of it and

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