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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy discusses the world's biggest online ticket booth with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves."

Now has 4 million customers in 25 major arc it's picking out joins us from a centerless.

Good afternoon.


Great have you here.

Rate have a site where i can find tickets from -- tickets for everything from oktoberfest to the radio city rockettes christmas show.

Talk to us about your mission here.

Our mission is to help people go out to live entertainment more.

With all kinds of great stuff to do you want to make sure people get out there.

Mobile is a huge part of your mission.

We mentioned that your traffic on smart phones and tablets are 600% up.

That is a big jump in what we found is that people have been using goldstar for quite a long time and the more we made it possible for the mobile experience to be on par or even better in some ways than the desktop -- desktop extremes, the more they followed us.

I think people have shown an interest in doing things that they may be only used to do when they were organized or sitting in their desk or sitting in front of a big screen.

They are doing it in -- is it safe to say most of your business is mobile at this point?

It is fitting close.

We are not quite there yet.

It was low teens this time last year.

Soon we will see a permanent crossover.

You know better than i that there is competition out there.

There are lots of ways to get tickets to events, live events.

Ticketmaster is a partner of ours.

People need a place to start when they want to find something to do.

That is what they provide.

We work with venues all over the country and with their existing ticketing systems.

We provide the world's largest ticket booth as a place to find something, as opposed to a place where you might find something that you know you want.

What we see is more than 80% of the people who come to goldstar have no idea what event they are actually looking for when they get there.

They find something really great once they get there.

All the things you need to get over those barriers.

Roxie guys do something called real-time feedback.

It could be good or bad feedback.

That's true.

What we see is a must -- a vast majority of feedback is terrific.

It validates the truth of the other information.

It is hard to take it -- consumers do not see it as credible.

They can use that information to improve the shows in many cases.

The great majority of feedback is positive.

How do you make money?

How does this work?

It is a straightforward model.

Our incentives are completely in line with the venue.

We want to get people to see all of these wonderful events that are going on around them.

We are going to leave it there.

Thank you so much.

Jim mccarthy, ceo of goldstar.

Coming up, investing in a pretty cool area.

We are talking about rare colored islands.

-- rare colored diamonds.

And we're going to look at it he's once worn by elizabeth taylor.

-- look at a piece once worn by elizabeth taylor.

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