The Wearables War Heats Up: Would You Wear These?

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Boy Genius Report President Jonathan Geller, Warburg Pincus' Bill Janeway and Bloomberg's Cory Johnson discuss the escalating battle for your wrist with Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Them, so i think we're going to start with you and take a peek.

This is the new samsung gear live will stop at exley comes out.

It was demoed for the first time a week ago.

And this is the lg watch will stop -- the lg watch.

This is them eating out ahead of anybody else, introducing devices that show you notifications on your wrist will stop you can get driving directions.

It is tiny, but i'm slowly warming up to this.

You take your phone out so many times a day.

You can get directions, your e-mails, text messages and respond with your voice easily and simply.

It is actually pretty cool.

I don't like these versions yet.

They do a good job being first.

But it's not there yet as far as aesthetics, fashion and functionality will stop but it's close.

What you would wear one?

I don't know that i would wear any of these.

The five or any of them, it would probably be the samsung.

And it only works with an android phone will stop everybody keeps talking about apple.

Are they going to come out with an iwatch and are we waiting and seeing what the competitors are doing first?

I think they're looking at the calendar.

Based on the reporting, they've had a hundred engineers dedicated to the project for some time.

So one is the calendar, when is the time right to do that, when they can capture the most attention in market share?

The other note is apple will pull a project when it looks like it's ready to go and has gotten as good as they think they can get it rather than release a crummy product.

They have already may be made the decision we don't know it.

Why do they let us keep talking about it if they are not going to do it?

But i think they like a lot of speculations about what the great minds are doing.

It certainly fits in the personal wheelhouse of tim cook who is an avid cyclist and likes exercise.

You can see some of the software tools they came out with at the worldwide developers conference were really focused on developing apps that would use the sensors in the phone in the way the sam sign -- the samsung device does.

These kind of devices, a lot of people think they are just gimmicks, toys, but underlying this, you could not have an iwatch or none of these smart watches if you did not have tremendous advances in speech recognition technology so you can talk to the watch.

You are never going to use it with your fingers will stop also natural language understanding.

This is the out put of some phenomenal deep research, google , full disclosure, i'm a director at nuance communications which provides speech recognition for everything around that google doesn't. including siri, which the directors are not allowed to say, which i can say.

But i'm not allowed to comment on that.

It is a tremendous technology and we can only hope it's going to get better.

You want to wear one on your wrist and i want to wear one on mine it could make life easier.

We have to realize that just the rumors have been launching a smart phone watch prompted samsung to come out with their own version about a year ago.

We saw what samsung would release without something from apple to reference.

I think they are lying in wait.

Thank you so much.

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