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Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Jeffrey Hayzlett examines the ups and downs of celebrity ties to business with a look at Jay-Z, Alec Baldwin and Sarah Palin. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Contributing editor, jeffrey.

He said he would continue his business with the barneys but that he wanted to be part of a council that would investigate and root out racial profiling.

Is that a smart move?

Good strategy.

He is a corporation, not just an artist.

John daly on the daily show referred to him as jay-z penny.

It you mean jon stewart, though.


Jon stewart, i do not watch the other shows, just this one.

The fact that they are doing it and trying to lead rather than react is a good move.

I think they thought out the statement well.

He took the time.

It sounds like you wrote it himself?

I think so.

But i think other people helped him.

It was very well crafted which is an important thing to do, make sure that you do not offend, but also pick up.

It is a smart move that he did not back down businesswise?


Barneys is going to turn around in the end.

Let's be clear, they are participating in this.

They met with al sharpton.

They met with a lot of the community members.

It is not just jay-z who needs to get the credit.

Others do as well.

They have also been proactive on barneys side.


Another actor under the gun these days, alec baldwin for some anti-gay slurs he is accused of saying last week.

He has come out with a statement that was a bit rambling on huffington post that talked about why his msnbc show is suspended for two weeks.

He also denied that he is anti- gay.

He wrote -- why gay friends see me as one who recently fought for marriage equality and has been a supporter of gay rights for many years.

How has he handled it so far?

I do not know that he ever handles anything really well.

But looking at the people we are talking about, these two are speaking the way that he normally speaks.

Alec baldwin speaks from his heart -- or other portions of his body.

He always reacts and is always very emotional.

I do not think that the slur was anti-gay.

I do not think that that is him at all.

Do you think he was popping off because he was angry?

This sounds like a guy from boston or upstate new york who should not do it.

Maybe a guest spot on anger management?

I think this is alec being alec and he should watch what he says.

He always needs to step back and think about what is going to happen once the words come out of his mouth and he does not do that.

Is he going to lose his show, though?

I hope not.

He is a smart guy with a good opinion.

I think that he and anderson cooper have a thing going between them, i do not think it is a gay thing, i think they just don't like each other philosophically.

To opposite sides.

What are you surprised at capital one, who used him as a pitch man for so many years, has not spoken out or stepped away from him?

Think about their whole campaign.

It is about vikings and cavemen.

I think that their brand has always been in the blue-collar range.

They might appreciate this.


Take out their private lives versus their public lives.

This is an intrusion on his private life.

I told my wife last night that if someone were doing those things that they are doing to him to me, i would probably go to jail because i would punch out someone's lights.

I think a lot of guys have the exact same feeling.

So, someone who pops off is sarah palin.

Of course.

She has a new book in time for christmas, good tidings and great joy.

There was a really interesting review from "the daily beast." she writes -- "without attending to the internal scorekeeping, she may have penned the different manual for a holiday altogether -- festivus, let the airings of grievances begin." this is in line with her brand.

It is, but as the author stated, it has nothing to do with christmas, it is just giving her away to talk about some hatemongering.

The book has things about the national debt, gay marriage sexual sin, preferential treatment of muslims.

None of it has anything to do with christmas.

Where is the gingerbread house?

Where is the white christmas?

That is not what it is about.

It is a political manifesto and a way for her to make some money.

You know what?

The reviewer liked the book for the controversy.

She said it was magic.

Good to see you.

We are less than 15 minutes into this session, hitting record highs on this monday.

What a way to start the week.

Alix steel has more.

It is a historic day for stocks.

At one point the s&p was over 1800. it has now slipped a bit from that level, but the dow jones is up over 16,000. in terms of which sectors are leading the way, bowling is selling a lot at its airshow

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