Shutdown Mashup: Government Is Open for Business

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on the U.S. government shutdown and re-opening. (Source: Bloomberg)

We'll talk about where we go from here.

Al gore joins us for an exclusive interview.

And it's all about railroads.

We will look at what is hurting and helping the freight companies across the nation.

Black rocks larry fink on lessons learned on the government shutdown.

And can you guess which man is the average american male?

The u.s. government is over -- is open for business and avoided a default.


Or has been a lot of discussion really on the politics of this shutdown.

But let's be clear.

There are no winners here.

These last few weeks have infected completely unnecessary damage on our economy.

The resident signed the measure last night to put government workers back on the job today and allows the u.s. to pay its debts, benefits and salary.

It could have all been done weeks ago.

I knew it was a fools error to start with hearing -- to start with.

But i think republicans obviously were damaged more.

The president is damaged.

Democrats are damaged.

The american overall view of congress has suffered.

So it is a lesson there for all of us.

We would do three things.

Fund the government, pay our bills, and agree to negotiate.

We started their and that is where we ended up.

That is a -- that is exactly what the law does.

No more, no less.

At the end of the day, we never should have gone through what we went through.

We started here and we ended here.

The deal sets up the framework for the government to have this debate all over again in about 90 days.

And the man who will be front and center as paul ryan can the republican commerce men from wisconsin is chairman of the house budget committee.

He will leave the conference with his counterpart patty murray in the senate to come up with some sort of spending plan.

We're going back to regular order.

This is the budget process.

The house passed a budget.

The senate passed a budget.

When you come together to settle your differences.

That is the way we are supposed to do things.

Then there is this guy.


president, i rise today in opposition to the deal that the senate is getting ready to vote on.

This is a terrible deal.

This deal embodies everything about the washington establishment that frustrates the american people.

This deal kicks the can down the road.

It allows yet more debt, more deficits, more spending.

Senator ted cruz begonia floor yesterday before the senate approved the bill, a very partisan senator.

It everything he said right there sounds pretty much in line with what many lawmakers and americans have been thinking.

Let's hear little more.


president, this fight was always about the american people who are hurting because obamacare.

Actually, it was about the ability of lawmakers to fund the government.

But we will see where you're going with this, senator.


president, i ask you to imagine a world in which senate republicans united to support house republicans.

There you have it.

True bipartisanship.

Let's ask a house republican.

Any thoughts?

I think we have to make it clear that we will not allow 30 or 40 people to dominate the republican party and we will not allow ted cruz to choreograph this in the senate to continue doing what he's doing.

Before the shutdown, americans could not fix -- cannot take senator ted cruz out of a lineup.

He has done a lot to of a national brand.

He has -- you will get better book deals.

He was never going to win on a national stage anyway.

He will get a lot more money in his pension.

The shutdown cost businesses large and small $24 billion in lost output.

We will never get that back and

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