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Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Trident Capital Managing Director Evangelos Simoudis discusses his investment ideas with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Tonight and business services.

With me now is a managing director.

Tank you for joining us.

-- thank you for joining us.

I know your firm, trident, is focused on security.

Where do you see the new year?

Where do you make investments?

Trident focuses on general technology.

We are experts in four areas.

Fast applications and cloud- based applications.

Monetization of the internet and solutions for the health care industry.

We have been focusing in these areas for 10 years.

What is changing the most?

What you see really shifting right now and those businesses that are going to make you money?

We are seeing the enterprise very aggressively.

Cost-cutting and cost controls in the health care industry is also driving solutions.

Security remains a top issue of mine, particularly as we move to mobility.

Finally, as the world is moving to digital, there is continuous interest in how to monetize this , particularly through online advertising.

I know trident has these functions, equity growth -- that makes your company a little bit different.

How you change the way you're making investing decisions?

We go after companies that have little to no institutional capital.

We are going 10 to 20% per year.

We use our expertise in the four sectors before to improve that in the four sectors i'm -- in the four sectors i mentioned before to improve.

I know normally you are in palo alto.

How do you see the two coasts developing?

Calexico no longer be looking for opportunities.

You cannot just stay with the good weather.

That's right.

There are 25,000 companies in north america within our area of focus.

Bright role are two of their portfolio companies.

Are they based anywhere that is in the middle?

It is a new york based company.

It is a big data company that is addressing the problem of analyzing data in order to help companies better understand their consumers and customers.

It is a global company headquartered in san francisco.

In order to improve the targeting of video advertising -- which is a big deal.

What kind of growth?

It is going to be exponential, right?

In the case of online video, it is growing very fast.

It is probably going to be in the $7 billion market in the next couple of years.

Or portfolio of buddies are going in excess of 60%. similarly, with e

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