The Top Three Stocks to Watch in Asia Today

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July 4 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Stock Exchange,” Bloomberg’s John Dawson, David Ingles and Zeb Eckert discuss today’s top three stocks to watch in Asia on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome to the stock exchange.

We're taking a look ahead to the opened in japan, south korea, and australia.

We are talking about the iron ore company based in australia.

A nice 85% gain for the year.

It -- the deal is that the biggest publicly traded steelmaker in china is taking an interest rate -- in china.

Watch the stock today.

What you have your eye on?


A report from the nikkei newspaper that they will be getting out of their european appliance business.

Lcd tvs.

It is not a big part of the business.

80% of overseas revenue focusing on the usn asia -- u.s. and asia.

The u.s. jobs way better than forecasted today.

27% of the sales in the u.s.. ecb president druggie talking about rates remain at present levels for a long time.

Europe is a third of that sales.

For canon, adrs are down.

A lot of the money overseas.

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