Breaking Down the Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2013

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Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Kate Mason, a YouTube trends expert, discusses the top ten videos on YouTube this year with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


It was a fun trip down memory lane.

Any surprises on the list is year?

It is a fun time of year for us.

One thing that stood out was that three things in the top 10 were from brands.

They are making things that do not look like commercials.

But they are investing a lot of money in them.

Let's go through some of the videos.

Number 10, motzart vs.


Yolo, a smooth with adam levine -- a spoof with adam levine and andy samberg.

We have lists around the top videos and music and education and beauty and fashion.

Corrected the list this year differ in any way from previous years?

Sharing is important.

The parody is getting more views.

These videos were encouraging engagement and encouraging people to participate.

I am shocked that kimye is not on this list.

That video that just came out, that was unhide opener.

But we are always surprised.

Number five, baby and me.

Number four was that spoof on miley cyrus's wrecking ball video.

Number two, the harlem shakes.

This is the original army audition.

Lex this is one of the most popular videos.

There were 1.7 million videos uploaded about the harlem shakes.

1.7 people out there decided to make their own videos of the harlem shake.

How many people have uploaded these?

There are a lot of parodies and remakes about the subject.

Let's get to number one.

Many of you have seen this video.

" what does the fox say?" tell us about this video.

It is wonderful.

Both of the top videos this year are from norway.

This is a comedy duo out of norway.

They have been around for some time.

Who knew that a bizarre video not even in proper english would become the most popular video of the year?

276 million views.

That does not compared to the most-watched video of all time.

80% of youtube videos actually come from outside the u.s.. we are seeing international stars like the people who did the fox video, but we all remember gangam style from last year.

That has 1.8 billion views.

Does anything even come close?

It is a good song.

One of the thread that runs through popular content is that it is shareable.

It is something that you want to send to all of your friends.

It is onyx acted and pricing.

Who knew that a south korean pop star would be a global phenomenon?

Has follow-up song, "gentleman." he is on a roll.

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