The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, Sept. 25

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Sept. 25(Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Julie Hyman and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks including JPMorgan, Facebook and Amazon. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

30 minutes.

These are the only trades you need to know about today.

At number 10, stryker just announce it has been agreed to by mako, the making of robotic surgical systems for $30 per share, one point six billion dollars.

-- $1.6 billion.

Number nine is carnival, it is swimming in a sea of downgrades and fell yesterday after reporting a 30% drop in profits due to a series of headlines on mishaps on its cruise ships that started this spring and issued a disappointing outlook for the quarter.

Number eight, jpmorgan, the bank has said to have resumed settlement talks with the justice department and seeking to negotiate to resolve mortgage bond investigations.

At number seven is aol, it is changing its advertising offerings on its sites as ceo tim strong -- tim armstrong just told us, they will sell through digital ad exchanges beckon program which as will be placed where based on the demographics of that site.

Number six is nike.

They will have fourth-quarter results tomorrow and has doubled its market value in the past five years, trading near a record by expanding into wearable technology and getting sports figures to sell its shoes.

Jcpenney is coming in at number five.

It may finally be ending the tug-of-war with macy's over martha stewart.

Jcpenney reportedly is planning on replacing more martha stewart designed home goods with store brands like liz claiborne.

A company reported fourth- quarter earnings and revenue that topped wall street estimates.

Sales have strengthened at ascena after the popular purchase of justice a few years ago.

Number three is crown holdings which fell after the beverage packaging company/third-quarter earnings.

It also announced plans to cut 300 jobs at its european operation.

Number two is facebook.

Shares have more than doubled in the last 52 weeks.

They are flirting with a record high after a wave of by recommendations from analysts.

It is stepping up its mobile advertising game.

Number one in technology, amazon, unveiling its of kindle fire tablets.

The kindle fire hdx is faster, lighter, but more expensive.

Joining us now from chicago at the cme is ryan battle, director of performance at capital partners.

I have been asking the traders that as we get closer to the government shut down, are we going to see any further action in the markets?

It's going to be very difficult.

You can measure interest rate risk and credit risk but not political risk.

One senator is trying to abstract legislation.

That is really unusual.

I think we will see a grind lower in stocks.

We are up 90% in the s&p 500 and eight grind higher in bonds.

I think everybody will be really

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