The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, October 2

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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Alcoa, Star Bulk Carriers Corp. and Empire State Realty trust. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

With the top 10. the only traits you need to know about today.

Scarlet saved the best.

Julie hyman joins us.

Let's are with number 10, disney, the company offering 400 part-time employees at walt disney world in florida.

The offer was made to staffers to put in enough hours to qualify for health benefits under the affordable care act.

Disney's news comes as other companies cut hours to avoid the mandate.

Number nine is best buy.

The consumer electronic retailer improving its e-commerce operations.

It is the latest of several turnarounds and issues.

Best buy was looking to more than double the share of its online sales, said the traffic on its site was up almost 10% last month.

Number eight with alcoa.

Deutsche bank slashes, down from nine dollars stemming from lower aluminum prices.

The firm suggested that alcoa spin off its and primary aluminum business, earnings due on october 8. number seven is tesla motors, the stock has been in overdrive, but that did not stop analyst from the downgrain shares of the electric vehicle maker to neutral from outperform.

The firm said tesla would be more constructive on signet advances in that read technology.

-- on significant advances in battery technology.

Sales of an unspecified share offering.

Injured into agreements, developed by the carrier seven across of approximately $250 million.

Number five, barrick gold, the government shutdown gold prices on the move, and/or to break -- and deutsche bank has upgraded shares of barrick gold from $20 to $30. number four, yahoo!!, marissa mayer at it again.

The company said to acquire another company to beef up its own sports offering on i was in and richard yahoo!! just announced its spectacular pro app.

Number three is month end up, the world's biggest seed company included fourth-quarter results that came in below analysts' estimates.

This is a data science company for about $930 million in cash.

Number three is black -- number to his blackberry.

$400 million in charges through the end of the year up from an initial estimate of $100 million.

The charge is part of library's restructuring land where it is cutting 40% of its workforce.

At number one is empire state realty trust, the firm that owns the empire state building has gone public, raising over $929 million in its ipo, the second- biggest everwe are going to be hearing from the empire state ceo on a first on television bloomberg interview in just a few moments.

On the podium at the new york stock exchange just about to ring the opening bell to mark the first day of trade.

Going straight to the call.

I want to bring in the senior portfolio manager with invesco.

$10.5 billion fund up 43% over

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