The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, Nov. 27

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Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Deirdre Bolton, Scarlet Fu and Carol Massar report on today's ten most important stocks including Intel, Burger King and Hewlett-Packard. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Exploring selling itself for the last month, they have received approaches from private equity firms, they could agree to a deal by january.

Number nine, zales, losing $.89 per share last quarter, missing estimates by two cents.

Looking ahead they said that they are expanding their exclusive product offers to boost sales during the holiday season.

We have intel at number eight, downgrading their stock, citing untapped potential remaining that way for a few more years.

Sliding concerns over spending to expand the tablet and the enhanced market.

Number seven, mccormick, raising their quarterly dividend to 27 cents per share, increasing their quarterly payout for 28 straight years, saying that dividend payments will total $180 this year alone.

Scarlet, sticking with food, the fast food chain is taking on the golden arches with the new joint venture, looking to accelerate their expansion, opening their fourth location in december, part of the plan to dominate all sales in the country, but watch out, big mac.

We will.

Pinball block, shares plunging after the maker of networking equipment issued to second quarter or cast below animist estimates, intel block saying that they have experienced experiencing revenue growth in the last quarter taking time to digest.

Number four, carol, crocs, the shoemaker known for its brightly colored clogs, topping blackstone on a possible investment according to people familiar with the matter.

They have been trying to regain their footing by expanding their product line and opening new stores.

Number three, the maker of digital video recorders in third-quarter profits, their results driven by an increase in subscriptions, which the company introduced for consumers and cable television operators in august.

Cvs caremark, agreeing to buy health care coordinated for $2.1 billion, expanding their presence into the special infusion service business, up 37%. the number one stock that we are watching for you this morning, hewlett-packard, the company reporting fourth-quarter revenue and profits that topped analyst estimates.

Their results were lifted by corporate demand for servers, pcs, sending the stock higher.

You have the ceo, meg whitman, what is she receiving and her turnaround in the turnaround efforts.

You hear the opening bell therefore yourself.

We bring you from new york to chicago and the cme.

Thank you for joining us the day before thanksgiving.

A bit of a quiet recession than usual.

What are you expecting?

The momentum is so strong.

A 10% move in the nasdaq since the october 9 flow.

The next upside target is 1925. i expect us to continue to go go go because there is a lot of nonbelievers and we haven't had a capitulation squeeze yet where people are scrambling to get back into the market.

Shoppers are getting ready to go go go as well.

As we get numbers from retailers on what kind of sales rack up this weekend, do you expect that in the market next week?

I don't know.

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