The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, May 28

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May 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Alix Steel, and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Need to know about today.

Number 10, mcdonald's. they are returning 18 billion dollars to $20 billion to shareholders by 2016. the announcement was made at the investors meeting today.

It will come through dividends and share repurchase is representing a 10% to 20% increase over the amount of cash return between 2011 and 2013. kevin pressure lately with a lot of issues.

At number nine is the world's biggest drilling company, saying they have seen increased inquiries in recent weeks even though oil exporters are slowing down spending.

At number eight, work day, with revenue surging more than customers estimated as more companies subscribe to its human resource service.

At number seven, ge.

Ceo jeff and mouth appeared before french politician saying his $17 billion did for eltham energy assets would protect jobs.

Ge would create 1000 jobs if the leaders back his offer, said a person familiar with the matter.

At number six, general motors, who could be poised for more recalls as investigators look at the tensile flaws onto million vehicles that remain on the road, following 14 million that have been recalled so far.

At number five, michael kors whose total revenue was up 54%. they snapped up watches at their locations in u.s. and europe.

At number four, valeant raising its offer for allergan, with the original author at $45.7 billion.

At number three, cd systems.

They will increase the pd -- the printer maker shares.

At number two, toll brothers, saying that fiscal profit doubled as they sold more homes at higher prices.

The average selling price rose 22% in the quarter, and deliveries were up 36%. well, onto retail, and dsw is your number one stock.

Shares plunged 23% after this, we kevin/its earnings outlook for the year, posting first-quarter results before -- lower than all the -- outlooks, saying that a retail environment weight on sales during the first period.

It has been a tough quarter.

I want to bring in michael mullaney.

His call, don't paul -- don't pile on any more u.s. stocks.

First off, why do city markets are not in bubble territory?

Moser half the size we saw back in 2000. we do not see any extended

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