The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, March 19

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March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu, and Trish Regan report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Business after uneven results.

What number nine, guys, horizon pharmaceuticals, they agreed to fire the therapeutic cash and stock sale value at $600 billion in the corporate merger the combined the company taking for pharma organized under the laws of ireland.

Number eight, orbitz worldwide, downgraded from buy to neutral, slower grooves -- slower growth coming from selling at a premium.

Number seven, oracle, posting fourth-quarter results as the company faces, helping their rivals sell internet-based programs.

They have collected sales growth around five percent and 10 quarters.

Number six, kb home, swamping the gain, beating as well is surging.

They said that new home orders rose six percent around a higher community count, shares gaining on the news, not so much bad weather.

Number five, the game maker delaying titan fall for xbox 360. released earlier this month for the xbox one helped to boost sales of its newest console.

Number four is not a stock.

Talking about treasury, keeping our eyes on government borrowing, right?

Make sure to watch our special coverage of the event today live, when janet yellen host stir first news conference in pairs.

-- hosts her first news conference.

Suspending commercial meetings, application for sales jobs in china, this comes from a new report and midst china investigating allegations that new skin -- nu skin is an illegal pyramid scheme.

Number two, jpmorgan, agreeing to sell its physical commodities unit, ending their stock business on raw materials.

The sale comes amidst concerns that banks could control commodity prices.

Coming up on our number one stock of the day, you guessed it, it is fedex.

They are pending their full-year forecast after winter storms pushed down results.

They said that storms reduced operating income by 100 12 $5 million.

They had to suspend their money back delivery guarantee 11 times.

The weather weather taking its toll on a lot of companies.

That is something we may hear about today with jenny ellen and her first fomc press conference but we will action janice yellin and her first fomc press conference.

Let's bring in chief portfolio strategist with wells fargo funds management.

His call, do not fear correction.

The fed is still accommodative, and fundamentally they are still strong.

Brian, good to see you.

A lot of people are a little bit worried about how the fed might affect the overall markets.

You look back to last year, some people say it was a sugar high, all fed-induced.

Are there fundamentals we can point to that suggest we are going to have more upside?

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