The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, March 12

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu, and Olivia Sterns report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."


Number 10, the company behind brands like cattle chips reported second-quarter earnings that beat estimates.

Declines in net sales.

Number nine is general mills, raising its quarterly dividend by 80%. the ceo same general mills has paid dividends without interruption or reduction for 115th years.

Coming in at number eight, pharmaceutical shares falling as much as 24% in the free market after two analysts downgraded the stock following yesterday's earnings update cancer drug.

Its cofounder was second down as ceo.

Erg sure hathaway, warren buffett's company buying a miami-based television station.

The former parent of the washington post." it will turn over its roughly $1.1 billion stake as part of the deal.

Number six, blackstone group.

It produced the best wrist of adjustment in the past year.

This is according to the riskless return ranking.

Number five, boeing.

$4.4 billion -- it said development of the masses moving on schedule with the first flight scheduled for 2016. tesla motors will no longer sell its eagles directly to consumers in new jersey.

Chris christie voted to block it from auto sales.

It threatens to close tesla's only two stores in the state taking effect april 1. class number three, systems.

Shares are surging after they reported first-quarter revenue and earnings that topped analyst estimates.

It also raised its profit forecast.

The retailer reported fourth-quarter earnings and it felt .5%. a heavy pace and deeper discounts.

They also projected first-quarter and full-year earnings far short of analyst estimates.

Class number one is fannie mae and freddie mac, two stocks in washington.

Senators interest a plan to dramatically reshape america's $10 million mortgage requirement.

It has got hedge funds invested in fannie and freddie nervous, as you could well imagine.

Peter, what exactly with the plan do?

Walk us through.

Class not only what they do but who announced it.

The top democrat and republican

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