The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, July 30

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu, and Michael McKee report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop."

Know about today.

Michael mckee joining in.

United continental -- j.p. morgan upgraded the stock from neutral to $65. they have soared in the past two weeks compared to the s&p. all of those baggage fees add up.

The back-check company plans to lay off up to 15% of its global workforce.

It made the announcement even as it reported second-quarter earnings that beat analyst estimates.

Number eight is microsoft.

It we are all wondering if microsoft would retaliate for the sanctions.

It china doing it already.

Regulators are opening an anti-monopoly investigation.

China stepping up pressure on u.s. companies after american prosecutors indicted five chinese military officers in may for allegedly -- number seven is garmin.

The gps maker topping wall street estimates.

It listed its outlook for the year.

Number six, buffalo wild wings.

Shares of the restaurant chain following in the premarket after rick reported second-quarter earnings that topped analyst estimates.

-- after it reported.

Number five today, the oil producer forming a partnership for pipeline and storage facilities in the region.

They are expected to offer shares in the first quarter of 2015. electric car company posting the highest sales tomorrow.

Forecasts estimate the 47% increase from one year ago aided by sales in china.

Number three is philip 66. it's expanding its chemical division which moves export products.

Ling a larger role in future earnings.

-- playing a larger role in future earnings.

Dreamworks animation.

Financial troubles weighing on the cartoon movie studio.

They put out that movie, "turbo." regulators investigating a write-down on that movie.

The studios looking towards its new movie, how to train your dragon 2. that didn't do too well, either.

When you say slug, that's not very kid friendly.

Number one is twitter.

Shares are soaring after the company's second-quarter earnings more than doubled.

It helped raise the sales forecast and profit outlook for the year.

A good day for twitter.

-- i want to bring in adam partner -- adam parker.

What is worrying you?

We are getting a little more balance.

The fed is tapering their asset purchases.

You head into a time of year where you typically get the most -- people come back from a summer and relies the number is too high when they start going to conferences -- people come back from the summer and realize that the number is too high when they start going to conferences.

Did the gdp number give you pause?

I want to revise all the things i did wrong in the last 10 years, maybe change my 2012 price target.

[laughter] wouldn't that be a nice

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