The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, July 2

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu, and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop."

Scarlet fu stays with me.

Alix steel joined in as well.

We start with bank of america, deutsche bank upgraded the stock to buy from hold and raise the price target from $18 -- $218 from it -- to $18 from 16 if the.

-- $16.50. wrister myra squid is recalling a tablet version.

Number eight, go pro -- shares of the wearable camera maker are falling, indicating the stock might have its first down days and its ipo last thursday.

In its four trading days shares have surged 103%. doubling its stock price.

Number seven, rack space with reports of the company looking to take itself private.

They have been negotiating with a private equity firm to borrow capital for a deal according to techcrunch, citing sources inside the company saying the pressures of being a public company might be too much.

Number six, shutterfly, the photo sharing website, could be getting ready to sell itself.

They hired a firm to find a buyer.

Operations are at an early stage and it might not lead to any transaction.

Number five is twitter, the micro blogging site is promoting a new cfo.

It is the fourth major change this year for twitter.

At the stock has tumbled more than 30% this and number four is google, stepping up its music business to media.

Songa will be -- songza will be integrated in.

Correct number three, buying -- correct number three, kroger is buying into new markets and giving customers new ways to shop by buying vita cost.

And number two, closer farms -- hills fire farms is being brought by tyson foods.

They make it official.

And number one, better than estimated first-quarter results.

Constellation brands gained distribution rights from the beer business.

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