The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, February 12

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Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns, and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Need to know about today.

Julie hyman joins in.

Number 10 is deere, reporting first-quarter earnings above analyst estimates.

The company says it sees an increase in sales in its construction in for a street equipment segment and profit forecast was better than estimated.

Number nine is cross.

There was a meeting with management in asia.

Crocs near-term trends are improving and they see limited downside.

It raised its price target to $20 per share.

Number eight is green mountain coffee roasters which is falling after the company was sued by treehouse foods.

It claims it monopolized the market.

We should mention that shares of green mountain have rallied for the last six sessions.

At number seven is dish network.

Charlie ergun is pressuring the mexican government to retransmit broadcasts.

Dish has been carrying channels on by other networks since september and broadcasters says this does not have regulatory permission.

Number six is trip advisor, rising in the premarket.

Earnings are in line with estimates.

58% of revenue came from click- based revenue.

Number five is dr pepper.

The company's fourth-quarter earnings and full-year forecast came in ahead of wall street estimates.

Number four is southwest airlines, the shares falling in the premarket and the airline canceled a huge amount of flights out of atlanta this morning as a major storm dumps ice on the region.

The storm is headed north now and could result in many more flight installations for all of the airlines.

I can't believe there will be another storm -- number three is dow chemical.

It says the breakup lance suggested by dan loeb would reduce its value.

It performed an internal review after dan loeb suggested the company could add billions of earnings by spinning off commodity chemicals.

Number two is fossil, the watch and accessory maker.

They recorded better than estimated sales and projections.

They believe the company's outlook is conservative.

They raised shares.

At number one is the world's largest to see an operator, sands.

Hackers breached the website.

They reveal personal information about some of the employees that the company could not say whether customer credit card

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