The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, December 18

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Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Cory Johnson and Scarlet Fu report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Announcement and the 2:30 news conference by ben bernanke.

We are back in 30 minutes.

Thank you.

Let's count down to the open.

The only trades you need to know about.

Corey joins in as well.

The global oil giant said it would write off more than $1 billion of costs related to an unsuccessful well.

It announced it made a significant oil discovery in the deepwater gulf of mexico.

The manufacturer that makes stuff for ibm and lack berry, earnings rose 11%. they also sell their after mark of services is this and get $75 million for the business.

We expect the sale to close in the third quarter.

I have got number eight.

A -- an insurance company.

Allowing it to improve its financial for stability and explore issues that have negatively affected -- affected business.

Class and, the second-biggest homebuilder reporting a 32% jump.

Positive results fueled by higher deliveries in selling prices.

Hubble digit revenue growth.

We saw some good housing numbers this morning.

Class apple, the maker of computers, phones, and bloomberg west stories, trading lower.

The world's largest phone companies, will spend more on subsidies to boost smartphones to as much as 42%. didn't mention anything specifically about an agreement with apple.

A highly anticipated offer with apple iphones.

Class number five is general mills, the maker of cheerios cereal, despite slightly lower revenue.

The general mills ceo says they were hurt by higher ingredient costs as well as slower food and beverage sales.

Class groupon, a sales site teaming up with borderlinx.

Groupon said the partnership will allow to provide a broader selection of deals and easily slip shipped them to customers in canada.

Number three, the big giant.

I want to look for replacement of ceo steve ballmer.

They were anticipating finishing the search sometime next year.

John thompson, the outside director conducting the search.

A list of candidates from 100 to 20. making progress.

Fedex, the company reported a smaller than expected 14% and boosted its earnings growth forecast for the year.

It said the record share buyback land it announced in october has been helping to drive profits.

Number one is forward.

The automaker plans to introduce 23 new vehicles next year.

The cost of bringing them to market will lead to a decline in its pretax but will earn $7 billion next year after an estimated $8.5 billion in predeath pocket for 2013. it is time for the call.

The markets have opened.

Let's bring in the senior equity strategist at wells fargo advisors.

His call is that the fed will likely not taper if you look at the central tendencies, i think the fed is way too optimistic.

Not that that is something new.

They tend to be over optimistic.

I certainly think they are in 2014. what about the results from fedex?

Then we have the ford numbers

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