The Top Ten Stocks for Tuesday, September 3

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Julie Hyman and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks including Cytokinetics, Nokia and Microsoft. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Economists are expecting to show an expansion in manufacturing.

All that is reported for stocks and -- for stocks.

We are back on the market in 30 minutes.

The countdown to the open with the top 10, these are the only trades you need to know about today.

Alix steel joins in as well.

Number 10, bank of america.

The bank is seeking $1.5 million or the construction of an investment exits china made eight years ago.

Number nine, carl icahn recently stated the statistic in a nuance company to over 17%. he had a positive conversation with a billionaire.

Number eight we have psycho kinetic spree the new experimental -- we have cyto kinetics.

They're pursuing a second trial of a heart failure drug.

Number seven is logitech, the accessories maker just announced an expansion with its first product, the galaxy tab 3. glaxo jcpenney, a nether hedge fund is betting on the retailer.

-- number six, jcpenney, in another hedge fund retailer -- is betting on the reef -- another hedge fund is betting on the retailer.

Number five is blackberry.

The smart phone maker jumped in on early trading that niekro soft -- that microsoft failed to by nokia.

Number four is time warner cable, the company that each -- the company reached a new broadcasting rights agreement with cbs.

Rogue ramming returns to 3 million cable customers -- cbs programming returns to 3 million cable customers.

It is the word biggest deal, -- the third biggest deal in the country, verizon announcing a 45% take -- 45% stake, giving them control of the world's biggest mobilephone carrier.

Nokia, it is a new day for the wireless company.

He sold the handset business to microsoft for seven point $2 million, -- $7.2 billion.

They are struggling to compete with android and apple.

And the stop where giant getting aggressive -- the software giant getting aggressive.

It is one of the boldest moves by steal steve ballmer -- by ceo cds bomber -- ceo steve ballmer.

Joining me is the author of "average joe option." the markets are a little bit down right now.

Is there a relief that there was no strike that transpired over the week on syria?

Collects good morning, i would agree that there is -- des moines, i would agree that there is relief.

We are also coming off of the worst month of the year.

We have buying coming and that is typical for the beginning of the month.

We will see.

We are right up against resistance of 1650.

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