The Top Ten Stocks for Tuesday, September 2

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Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Julie Hyman, and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop."

Needed to know today.

Julie hyman with me as well as alix steel.

But start with number 10. shares of the electric car motor getting a charge in the markets.

The firm said the company is positioned well for growth in electric car market.

You think?

The point.

-- good point.

Shares of the biotech firm plunging in the free market.

Cutting its course by 70%. shares were downgraded by at least two firms this morning.


Upgrading the stock from underperformed.

Rbc is a 12 month target of six dollars.

Let's keep this in perspective.

They have fallen more than 40% this year.

We had so many other things to look at.

Number seven is halliburton.

They will pay 1.1 billion dollars to settle the majority of the lawsuits over the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill.

They were accused by spill victims and bp of doing effective cementing work on the well.

Number six is staples.

They outperformed credit suisse.

-- they outperformed the outlook from credit suisse.

A 12 month price target of $15 a share.

Number five is darden.

The restaurant operator announced preliminary first-quarter adjusted earnings anywhere between 31-30 three cents a share.

It was folded the directors would be new this year with four of those affiliated with activist investors.

They were really upset when darden spun off its red lobster chain.

Number four is a different company.

The drug makers and the fda has granted the breakthrough therapy for the treatment of parkinson's disease.

It will establish a new approach to treating psychosis.

A big development.

Number three is t-mobile.

Iliad making another run at t-mobile.

Teaming up to make improved offers for the company.

Last month, t-mobile rejected iliad's offer of $33 a share.

It was not taken very seriously by the market at the time.

By anyone.

Norwegian cruise line.

The company announced it was buying -- it will pay $3 billion in cash and stock.

I have not been on a cruise, ever.

Number one is three companies.

Dollar general, family dollar and dollyar tree.

The boosted their bid for family dollar to $80 a share this morning.

Dollar general will buy 1500 stores to meet antitrust concerns.

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