The Top Ten Stocks for Tuesday, September 17

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Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Kythera Biopharmaceutica, Pandora and Aeropostale. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Jpmorgan, the nation's biggest bank has agreed to pay about 750 million dollars to regulator to settle allegations related to the $6 billion london whale trading loss.

The settlement will help jpmorgan move past last year's scandal.

Number nine is kyocera after they reported topline results in the states three trials of its reduction drug.

Shares have more than doubled since going public last october.

Number eight is pereon network, set for the longest stretch of quarterly danes on network.

The ceo told bloomberg it will surpass aol in the u.s. search market and it could see $1 billion in sales in 3-5 years.

Number seven is macy's, it is using a new tactic.

They have contract wardrobing . they will put plastic devices in in visible places making it harder to hide when you wear them.

Number six is general motors, reaffirming its plan to develop an electric car to rival tesla.

Dan ackerson has said gm was working on a vehicle with a range of 200 miles per charge at a cost of about $35,000. number five is delta airlines, shares took off after j.p. morgan upgraded the airline to overweight from neutral and raised its price target to $26. the analyst said the corporate share of the new york market it -- at delta is accelerating.

Number four is as the largest internet company --

Deutsche bank raised its price target to $74 per share.

Number three is pandora, the biggest web radio service, filing paperwork to raise 231 million dollars by selling new shares.

This is after the stock more than doubled this year.

A regulatory filing shows they plan to sell 10 million shares.

Number two is apple -- online reservations for the new iphone 5c and s models have passed 100,000 units in china.

Apple hopes the smartphones will help stem a declining share in the world's largest mobile phone market.

In retail, aeropostale is number one.

They have attracted a couple of new shareholders.

The disclosure has been made on eight percent share in aeropostale and the stock is flying on that news.

Joining us now from chicago at the cmp is the managing director

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