The Top Ten Stocks for Tuesday, October 8

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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu and Michael McKee report on today's ten most important stocks including Tower Group International, Jamba Inc. and Talisman Energy. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

. economics editor mike mckee joins in as well.

Let's start with number 10, the french network and newsmaker saying it will illuminate 100,000 jobs as a part of a cost-cutting plan.

That represents 14% of the global workforce.

Number nine is williams- sonoma.

It could be the latest retail victim to show rooming.

They are introducing new products like iphone-connected cooking thermometers.

Number eight, clean energy fuels corp of the provider of natural gas for vehicles, fell in early trading.

It cut its price target from $9.50 to $4.50. the firm also listed clean energy fuels corp its top- selling ideas.

Onto farming for number seven.

Researchers are closer to making the first protective shot against the disease which killed 660,000 people her year -- 660,000 people per year.

Number six is tower group, a bermuda-based insurer.

They miscalculated the reserves they needed for insurance claims.

They saw 360 $5 million loss in reserves.

Number five, good news for jcpenney.

The department store chain reporting a sales decline slow in december.

Jcpenney working to rebound from a $985 million loss.

It anticipates more than $2 billion in year and liquidity.

Number four is, the e-commerce giant has fought a major battle against ibm in the pursuit of the cloud infrastructure for the intelligence community.

A federal's claims judge rules that amazon did legitimately win $600 million contracts with cia that the ibm -- that ibm contested.

Number three is apple.

It beat pandora to the u.k. and into canada.

Itunes radio is also reportedly set to start in australia.

Number two, john the shares plummeting after the juice maker reported a drop in same-store sales.

It downgraded from market perform to outperform.

Talus energy a number one.

-- talisman energy is number one.

We may see talk with management as talisman strugglesthere is a lot of work cut out for management.

Joining us from chicago is a senior market analyst at trading advantage.

The shutdown did not really move the market.

Mike the debt ceiling do it this time?

You have to focus on price action.

We did make some new lows last night in the s&p. now we are above that, so it is important to see how we react from here.

Last week the nasdaq was positive and stocks were unchanged.

Stocks are not showing the fear that we are seeing otherwise.

Is that indicative of the better we will not go past the borrowing limit?

I do not know, but as far as the market knows -- and that is all i can judge, volume and price -- the market does nothing so.

We all like volatility because

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