The Top Ten Stocks for Tuesday, March 18

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March 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu, and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

With the top 10 trade you need to know about.

Scarlett stays with me.

Julie hyman joined in as well.

Let's start with 3m, the maker of post-it notes about forecasting that china sales will grow faster than demand due to demand for health and safety products like water filters.

Number nine is american express card the financial services giant agreed to sell a 50% stake in its business travel division.

That allows them to free up cash . number eight is exxon mobil, selling $5.5 billion in its biggest bond offering on record.

It marks the end of a more than two decade hiatus from the bond market.

They issued six notes in a five-part sale.


The internet retailer will start shifting its video streaming device to its website and investors like staples.

The product will compete with apple tv, roku, and global -- google from cast.

Dsw beat analyst estimates and announced a 50% increase in the dividend.

Number five, shares plunging as delays its annual filing and it will not host an investor call.

Investor -- hurts --hertz will separate into two set -- two public we traded companies.

The move is expected to be completed by early 2015. number three, gamestop, with a new competitor.

Walmart announced they will accept videogame trade-ins at 3100 stores across the nation as part of the effort to shake up the secondhand gain market -- game market.

Caesars entertainment has received a preliminary license in south korea, the first time the government has awarded a permit to foreign investors.

Their plans to build a $2.2 billion resort.

Number one, general motors.

Gm announced yesterday they are recalling another 1.5 million vehicles over faulty ignition switches that basically automatically shut certain cars down.

This is on top of the 1.6 million cars recalled earlier, affecting models like the cobalt and the chevrolet express.

War on that story in

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