The Top Ten Stocks for Tuesday, July 22

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel, Scarlet Fu, and Michael McKee report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop."

With a top 10, the only stories you need to know about today.

Scarlet fu and michael mckee join in.

I will kick it off with all trio, the largest seller of tobacco in the u.s.. the company, which raised its price back in may has been cutting costs to offset anti-smoking trends.

Altrira might face competition from a possible merger.

Number nine, travelers.

The insurance company fall in the market with second-quarter profits dropping 25% on catastrophe costs.

The u.s. was hit with 320 euros last month compared with 125 a year earlier.

Number eight, hogs -- is there a better kicker?

-- kicker -- tciker.

Harley davidson getting its newest bike.

My favorite is rad for writing.

United technologies.

They gave a bullish profit outlook for the year.

Number six, herbalife.

Shares of the nutrition segment company fall in the premarket.

Activist investor bill ackman telling bloomberg that his firm has devoted $50 million to prove that herbalife is a german scheme.

-- pyramid scream -- scheme.

You might not like cable companies, but they make money.

Number five is comcast.

Second quarter profit up 15%, topping estimates.

Comcast, which in the midst of acquiring time warner cable, adding 2000 broadband customers in the quarter.

Number four is coca-cola.

The beverage giant falling flat after reporting second-quarter profit lower than estimates.

The demand for juice and diet coke and the u.s. -- in north america begins to slow down.

Have you had mexican coca-cola?

Real sugar.

So intense.

Number three, chipotle mexican grill jumped to a new high based on higher than estimated results.

They got a lift from a nationwide increase in menu prices fully rolled out at the end of the period.

Mcdonald's is not our kind of place.

A slump at the golden arches.

Sales slowed down, eating into the bottom line.

Despite the rollout of new promotions and products, same-store sales fell 1.5% during the period.

They are expecting, sales to be down in july.

More bad news for that company going forward.

Number one, credit suisse, reporting its biggest quarterly loss since 2000 and eight.

-- 2008. they will also acted commodities trading, move that they say will cut costs by about 75 million dollars.

We are coming up in the opening bell.

Stocks are starting to trade in the morning.

I want to bring in a comanager

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