The Top Ten Stocks for Tuesday, Jan. 7

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

These are the only trades you need to know.

Olivia sterns joins in.

Let's start number 10. the owner opening a u.s. hotel building in new york.

It reaches a record.

The new 68 story property, which officially opens today, stretches over 750 feet area just in time for the super bowl.

I guess so.

I'm not sure i would want to take.

Linked in.

Shale gas shares are falling after bank of america downgraded.

The estimates for this year and next may be aggressive given jobs postings and user growth.

Number eight, the oil and gas producers said it would sell its operations to $750 million to focus on onshore drilling.

It also raised its 2014 production growth forecast from 12 to 26%. domino's. we were just talking about pizza.

We were just told the pizza chain is taking its mobile ordering apps to the road.

A new partnership with ford motors the 80 later this year, domino's customers will place their orders through their cars while driving using ford sync technology.

You cannot wait to get home and get that slice of pizza.

I am trying to wrap my head around it.

The tech giant announcing customers spent over $10 million on apps in 2013, including a record billion dollars in december alone.

Apple said developers have now earned $16 million on the app store.

Number five, the computer security company is making its first acquisition.

An anti-hacking company.

They were founded by for a formal national security agency officials.

A use military great technology to solve the world's toughest network security challenges.

Netflix, the company which was the best performing stock in the s&p last year, cut to underweight.

Heightened competition from products like amazon prime, instant video, and hulu.

We have got irobot, the company best known for the roomba vacuum is using a new scrubbing system with scuba.

I have got to try that.

I know.

In north america starting today.

I am trying to get my head wrapped around that.

Number two, the drugmaker forecasts a drop in 2014 profit and reduce in sales outlet because of generic competition.

The company lost 10 protection on a best-selling drug used to treat depression.

Number one, samsung.

The largest maker of smart phones and televisions posted its first profit decline in nine quarters.

Samsung being pressured by companies like apple while at the low end, the competition out of taiwan and china, they are hurting the pricing for samsung phones.

Jpmorgan is paying the fine of $1.7 billion to resolve the claims in the bernie made a ponzi scheme.

Eric chester has more on the story.

The news is just breaking but everybody knows this settlement has been coming for several weeks.

We reported back in december that jpmorgan was headed toward a settlement of about $2 million -- of about $2 billion.

The bank failed to preserve -- observed the privacy act in connection with its relationship with bernie madoff , or $1.7 billion is the final total.

According to the southern district, the u.s. attorney district, overseen by the u.s. attorney, this money will go to madoff victims.

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