The Top Ten Stocks for Tuesday, Dec. 17

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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Cory Johnson and Scarlet Fu report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Need to know about.

Number 10, general motors.

The auto giant claims to spend $1.3 billion to upgrade five point.

That comes a week after the u.s. government sold all of its gm shares.

Number nine, the latest -- largest e-commerce service and america.

They issued a sell rating, and those shares declined.

Ups, the world's biggest -- ubs, the world's biggest wealth manager.

Another setback for hedge fund manager bill who was lost as much as $5 million raid he is accused of being a pyramid scheme.

Hewlett-packard, shares up a little but, upgrade the stock to neutral, a stabling pc market says that you'll packard may in fact the lenovo in the fourth quarter which could be bad news.

Number five, fuel cell energy, this is the maker that missed all street estimates.

It has not posted an annual profit since 1997. number four is boeing, the aircraft maker who stood its quarterly dividend.

A $10 billion share repurchase plan, and those shares have surged nearly 80% this year.

Number three, frontier communications, shares surged under the news that at&t agreed to sell its connecticut landline fiber-optic network.

Frontier sees the deal boosting cash flow, $200 million worth of annual profit.

Number two is the manufacturer with the product line of dental braces was to this quarterly dividend by 35%. and also projected a 2014 profit that topped analyst estimates.

Number one is the second- largest movie the operating -- movie operator in the united states.

Amc entertainment will be lifting -- listing under the ticker symbol amc entertainment will be listed under amc.

That makes sense.

Stocks are now opening here.

You just heard the opening bell.

Investors are eyeing a new budget deal headed to the senate.

The fed begins its last policy meeting of the year.

The ceo and co-cio of pimco said in an op-ed the fed will be looking for add-ons.

Mohammed, great to have you back.

What do you mean?

Thank you.

What we mean is limit paper, and we can talk about whether it will be now or january or march, but when they cater, they will do other things.

Something with forward guidance, something with the threshold variables, and probably

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