The Top Ten Stocks for Tuesday, Dec. 10

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Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Cory Johnson and Scarlet Fu report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Counting down to the open with a top 10, the only trades you need to know about today.

Alix steel joins us.

Starting with number 10, teva pharmaceuticals.

Warning that analyst -- earnings will miss analyst estimates.

Tehe m.s. drugs brings in more than half of the prophet.

Number nine, texas instruments.

Narrowing in the fourth quarter, right in line with the guidance was.

The company gave a warning in the third-quarter results.

Texas instruments dealing with uneven demand but improvements in automotive and industrial.

This could be the first quarter in more than two years they do not see falling sales.

Steepled nicholas racing shares of the mobile oncology company to buy from buy from hold.

Steepled the goifel nicholas.

' number seven, autozone.

Reporting first-quarter earnings that topped wall street estimates.

The company performance was boosted by the addition of new stores in the u.s. and mexico, and the growing commercial business.

Number six, a licensing agreement with micron technology for rambus.

J.p. morgan sees the settlement as a positive for rambus.

Number five, united rentals.

They raised to the top pick from outperform.

Now has a monthly price target of $85 per share.

The stock of more than 50% this year.

Plus heads and new 52-week high yesterday.

Number four, ups.

This is the biggest -- busiest time for the big brown.

Taking you inside the world's biggest package he delivery -- package delivery company.

We will have exclusive interviews with the top executives, including the ceo later today.

Number three, toll brothers.

Reporting fourth-quarter earnings that beat analyst estimates as prices for houses are climbing.

Talking about the drama of yoga pants.

Talking about lulu lemon humming in at number two.

The founder and announcing he will step down as the chairman.

The company naming former tom's shoe ceo.

The company has suffered a series of problems, starting with yoga pants that were to share.

Luckily mine are not to share.

Number one, general motors.

-- not too shear.

Mine are not either.

The automaker naming mary barra as the new ceo.

She will reclaim -- replace dan ackerson who is stepping down in january.

She will be the first female ceo in the global automotive industry.

Some say it is about time.

For the past two years she has been in charge of product development and quality for all gm cars and trucks.

Basically responsible for the look and feel of general motors vehicles.

Breaking news out on the financial front with the volker rule.

Snow has closed down the federal

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