The Top Ten Stocks for Tuesday, August 12

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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns, and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop."

These are the only stores you need to know.

Olivia sterns and julie hyman with me.

Let's start with number 10 and pandora.

It could be a takeover target, attracting interest from companies including amazon, google, microsoft, yahoo!. it is a long list according to deal reporter, who did not say where they got the information.

They also quoted the pandora ceo saying they do not spend any time wondering if there will be a takeover target, but, on.

We have heard this already.

Ever nine, exact science -- a company won at home approval for the first test for: cancer.

It might -- colon cancer.

It might indicate the presence of cancer, and i apologize if you're having your breakfast right now.

Number eight, william simona -- the top pick for a back-to-school shopping season, with a firm citing the pottery barn unit that sells school supplies including backpacks, lunch boxes, and dorm room essentials.

Williams-sonoma prices are up 25% so far this year.

That is if you are really pimpin g out your kids dorm room.

That is high-end stuff.

That is.

I never had that in mind.

Number six, tesla -- consumer reports -- number seven, tesla.

Consumer reports says the model s is it -- exhibiting minor flaws including the front hood, the door handles popping out when you are nearing them.

If they do not pop out, what you do watch my you do not get in the car -- would you do?

You do not get in them.

Number six, a software maker forecasting forecast below estimates -- the company that makes the software that runs the siri feature reported its seventh quarterly loss in a row.

#, hertz global holdings -- they delayed publishing results because they were not ready in time.

They said they are still viewing financial records from the past three years.

Number four is caesars entertainment -- the casino giant feeling the burn from atlantic city troubles.

They added that no qualified bidders have emerged for its bankrupt hoppity in atlantic city.

You -- property in atlantic city.

You and i were talking about that.

I spoke to one analyst who said as more casinos close, that could potentially be good for those that remain.

But who is going?

There are still some people going, just a lot fewer.

Number three, intercept pharmaceuticals -- the biotech company receiving positive results from a clinical trial for extra mental liver disease -- experimental liver disease drug.

Shares are riding high in the premarket.

Number two, then jury on ted the company said they are weighing alternatives to the repayment of debt, including those that could leave current shareholders with little or no financial ownership of dendreon.

Number one is the big retailer, target.

The former pepsico executive brian cornell begins his first day as ceo the retailer, becoming the first outsider to lead the company.

He comes in after a flawed attempt to end her -- to enter the canadian market and a data breach that left credit card information at risk, something other retailers and companies have found have also happen to them.

Stocks open trade on this tuesday.

I want to bring in the manager of nearly $4 billion.

Great to have you back with us.

I know you do not own target sales -- shares, but you own other retailers.

For target to get that investor confidence back, what does brian cornell have to do?

He really has to look at what target's vision will be for the

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