The Top Ten Stocks for Tuesday, Aug. 26

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Julie Hyman, Olivia Sterns and Matt Miller report on today's ten most important stocks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You need to watch.

They are the only stocks you need to watch today.

Olivia and julie obviously here.

Goldman sachs is number 10. initiating coverage on the firm with a buy rating.

Goldman proxies -- goldman's learning prophecy -- goldman shares are flat year to date.

Number nine, digital.

The recording companies out with a new device.

A new version of its romeo dvr is aimed at people who do not have cable or satellite tv service.

The device would record over the air broadcast as well as streaming networks.

Tivo hopes to record aereo, which was shut down by the spring court.

Number eight, a watchmaker reported second-quarter earnings revenue that missed analyst estimates.

It did reaffirm its full-year forecast.

That is not helping the shares.

Number seven, tesla.

Shares of electric carmaker are getting a boost in the premarket after china said it is considering investing $15 billion to build charging facilities to spur demand for the electric vehicle.

The policy will be announced soon according to people familiar with the matter.

Number six, shares of the biotech company are searching this morning.

The cancer drug showed positive results.

The company said eight patients were treated with the drug and were incomplete remission" others were in partial remission.

A discount shoe retailer recorded better than estimated prophet.

It also stepped up its forecast for the year.

Improving sales trends across all major categories.

Shares jumping more than 12% in the market.

This is a little bit unusual in what we have heard from retail lately.

All right here number four is comcast.

The company is now expecting its $45 billion asset of -- acquisition of time warner cable to be earlier next year.

Thought it would be finished by the end of this year.

Comcast said in the new filing of the updating timing is due to regulatory approvals.

Number four calm -- number three, it missed its forecast.

Analysts say it is still on target to start profit -- processing chicken in the first quarter of next year.

Olivia has been a vegetarian for 16 years.

I believe it is mostly and a good company as opposed to an actual poultry.

Have you seen the film, barack?

-- it is disturbing the way they process the chickens.

I will eat them but it is disturbing.

Best buy, the world's largest electronics chain poses second order -- second-quarter earnings.

Sales came up short because of weak demand for mobile phones.

Best buy shares are trading lower.

Number one stock of the day, you could have guessed it, burger king worldwide.

Bkw just inked a whopper of a deal.

Hey hey.

Taking advantage of lower taxes and our neighbor up north.

Even warren buffett is getting in on this deal and the shares are up today.

The question is whether they bring the chicken fries.

Do they have satisfries?

They phased out the satisfr ies.

That was a big fail.

He thinks the s&p 500 topping 2000 is psychologically satisfying, but that is about

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