The Top Ten Stocks for Thursday, September 26

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Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Deirdre Bolton, Scarlet Fu and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Eli Lilly and JPMorgan. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Number 10, bed bath & beyond.

Eating analyst x port top and bottom line estimates.

Forecasting comparable sales in the second half of the fiscal year to rise up to four percent.

-- beating analyst estimates.

Onto number nine.

Citigroup agreed to pay $395 million to freddie mac and a settlement over defective mortgages sold.

This covers 3.7 million loans sold to freddie mac between 2002-2012. number eight barrick gold.

Considering a cooperative venture with newmont mining in nevada.

Shares falling nearly 40% this year.

A bigger decline than the 20% drop in gold futures.

Number seven is eli lilly.

Reporting mixed results from a pair of late stage studies on experimental cancer drug.

Eli lilly says that therapy failed to meet target for treating breast cancer but did show improvement in patients with stomach cancer.

Number six is google.

Over the years they have taken big bets on android.

Now breathing new life into popular services.

Number five, nokia.

Sources telling bloomberg news.

Selling the handset business to microsoft.

Paypal and announcing it will buy braintree for $800,000 in an effort to expand the mobile transactions business.

It will become a unit of paypal, which contributed 40% of the revenue last year.

Number three, j.c. penney.

Repeated it expects positive store sales.

The sales rebounding slightly.

Yesterday down 15% to the lowest level since 2000 after goldman sachs initiated coverage of the debt with an underperform, citing concerns over liquidity.

If things could not get worse for black hairy, they just did.

-- black hairy.

-- blackberry.

T-mobile will stop selling the devices due to a lack of buying from consumers.


The bank doesn't talk to pay federal authorities $11 million.

Earlier this week they offered to pay $3 billion.

-- $11 billion.

We are taking you to chicago.

You can hear the opening bell.

What are you looking out for today?

Right now keeping a close eye on crude oil.

I think it is very vulnerable.

Look at what it has performed like against the deferred.

Those spreads have fallen off the table.

What that tells you is end users of crude are more interested to pay for storage.

I do not want it now and will pay and save it for later.

The one thing that keeps coming up in the news is the talk about the debt limit on october 17. let's make the deadline tomorrow so we do not have to listen to the nonsense.

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