The Top Ten Stocks for Thursday, Sept. 5

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks including BlackBerry, McDonald's and Samsung. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's start with number 10 -- the provider of networking equipment sienna surged after posting third-quarter results that beat estimates.

It is expanding into new areas feeling possibilities.

Number nine is low eniac -- is the we nana -- is the louisiana-pacific.

They have a bet on growth in the u.s. and that asian housing market.

Number 8 -- francesca holdings, the shares fell the most after the boutique operator slashed its full year profit forecast and said customer traffic will remain below.

Same-store sales fell one percent in the second quarter.

Number seven is black berry, shares rose.

They have held talks with potential bidders and are planning a fast sale.

It was downgraded to a speculative buy.

I am looking at zillow, the real estate website as a new investor.

He bought over a nine percent stake becoming the company's second-biggest shell holder that shares were downgraded by morgan stanley.

At number five, e trade financial rose to its highest level in two years after announcing its banking subsidiary will pay a $100 million dividend to the parent company.

It said it will make similar payments every quarter.

At number four is mcdonald's, having a new dollar menu which includes items selling as much as five dollars.

It says the new product lineup is being tested tested in five markets in the u.s. number three is groupon.

It was upgraded to overweight at morgan stanley citing increasing confidence in turnaround efforts in north america led i strength in mobile.

The shares are up over 150% year to date.

Apple after being surpassed in the world's largest smartphone market by samsung, it is now seeking a deal with china mobile which has 63% of chinese wireless accounts.

Apple is expected to debut his new iphone on september 10. at number one, is samsung -- the time is come for the biggest maker of smartphones to embark on a new venture and it is smart watches they unveiled the smart watch yesterday.

It is 299 dollars and can make phone calls, surf the web, and take photos.

Will you buy it?

Joining us now from schick god go at the cm -- joining us now from chicago at the cme is larry levin.

We seem to be rallying at the open.

Will we be dictated by what goes on in syria?

We will get knee-jerk reactions and we have been all over the map, having a difficult time finding direction.

The s&p 500 is sitting at 1650 but rallying a little bit on the open but the market has been all over the place.

It has made it a ethical time for short-term traders.

Syria clearing up will help but that should not happen anytime soon.

What are you looking at for the jobs number tomorrow?

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