The Top Ten Stocks for Thursday, October 31

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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Alix Steel and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Weight Watchers, Expedia and Facebook. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Ones you need to know about today.

Alix will stay with us and julie hyman joining in as well.

I will kick himself with number 10. weight watchers international.

Reporting in 11% drop in the third quarter, earnings lower.

Weight loss meeting attendance and revenue are declining.

Number nine, exxon oil giant saying third-quarter profits declined by about 14% on dwindling returns from processing oil into fuel.

Exxon seeking to reverse falling production and rising cost with gross products -- growth products.

Number eight, mgm resorts.

The company just reported third- quarter results that beat analyst estimates.

Shares were lower.

Mgm saw 5% sales growth and noticed strength in china, which posted the digit net revenue growth in the quarter.

Number seven, estee lauder.

Announcing its latest quarterly earnings, in fact, if you see it in a higher sales all over across the quarter driven by strength in luxury products.

I'm sticking with big oil.

Conoco phillips, increased third-quarter profits by 38%. they have an overhaul in its business, announcing in 2009 plan to sell asset boost returns like selling off its refining business.

Number five, clorox.

Earnings per share rose 3% on a 2% gain in sales, but cut its annual profit forecast because of increasing competition from a currency, and commodity pressures.

Number 4, netflix, posted the widest swings of any member of the nasdaq in this past month.

The porting data compiled by bloomberg.

Part of the reason, carl icahn, the largest individual holder, sells more than half of his state this month and that caused the whipsaw.

Number three, expedia.

Shares fine higher after they reported third-quarter earnings that topped analyst estimates.

They said the results were driven by increased bookings and improvement in business referrals.

Number two, starbucks.

Repeating his forecast for 2014. the problem is, the forecast is lower than analysts estimated.

Sales growth in asia is slowing.

Number one trade you need to monitor today him a facebook.

Reporting a better than estimated third-quarter profits after yesterday's close.

Investors aren't liking what it had to say about its younger user base.

Facebook seeing fewer daily users among teens and tweens in the quarterns but usage overall remains stable.

[bell rings] you can hear the opening bell.

We will get you out to chicago.

Managing director of the chicago-based spectrum management asset.

We saw futures close lower.

What are you watching?

A couple of things.

First of all, how the asian markets set the tone in equities to see a lot of selling pressure at these lofty levels.

Also watching that pitted area of 2.50 in the 10 year.

It seems with the fed slightly hinting about right down the road, could we see it go higher?

It looks like 2.50 will be going for a longer.

Coffee, 10th consecutive quarter lower, off of the highs of 2011, 60% lower, and we could be

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