The Top Ten Stocks for Thursday, March 27

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March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel, Julie Hyman, and Cristina Alesci report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Julie stays with us.

Cristina alesci joins us.

Number 10, when the bingo -- winnebago industries.

They topped estimates in spite of severe weather that disrupted revenue.

Number nine is accenture.

He raised the full year profit forecast, but reported less than expected second-quarter results.

They and the deal to fix the website.

Number eight, $.10 holdings announced they will pay for a 20% stake in a south korea's cj games.

Number seven, lululemon, posting fourth-quarter results below estimates.

Lululemon, with a new ceo in january, is trying to expand internationally and maintain all -- clothing quality.

Number six, blackstone.

They are taking a company public, seeking to raise as much as $781 million.

It would be the third hotel chain blackstone has taken public in the last five months.

Number five, king digital entertainment, maker of the "candy crush" name suffered the biggest drop in months, dropping 60% in its trading debut.

I am addicted.

Number four is game stock.

They issued a full-year forecast that trailed estimates.

Gamestop expects to reduce its videogame store count by 2% this year.

Number three, baxter international, announcing plans to split into two separate companies, one focused on developing and selling pharmaceuticals, and the other on medical products.

Number two, microsoft -- the software giant's new ceo satya nadella is making his public debut, revealing plans to rollout microsoft office for the ipad.

We'll have the breakdown of what you need to know about that announcement in a few minutes.

Your number one stock is citigroup, the lender failing to pass the fed stress test on a qualitative basis, finding defects in its mining practice and assessment of global exposure.

The central bank denied that they increased their dividend from one penny to five cents per share.

We're going to the call on the market.

We will bring in jim bianco.

His call, beware the slowdown.

He sees a slowing economy, slowing earnings.

You sound like a debbie downer.

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