The Top Ten Stocks for Thursday, July 24

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel, Scarlet Fu and Olivia Sterns report on today's ten most important stocks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The open with the top 10, the only stories you need to know today.

Olivia sterns joins us with scarlet fu.

Under armour, raising its full-year revenue forecast after second-quarter earnings topped estimates.

Revenue rose by more than one-third as warmer spring weather helped to drive up arrow for -- apparel for teens.

D.r. horton was hurt by charges tied to asset in the chicago area where the housing market is still pretty weak.

And the south, two.

Number eight, skechers.

The shoemaker at an all-time high, reporting second quarter profit that rose nearly five-folder.

Nearly $.68 a share.

Number seven, dunkin' brands.

The company that owns dunkin' donuts and baskin-robbins cut its full-year outlook after reporting disappointing second-quarter sales, but net income was up.

They need healthier options.

Can you make that healthier?

I am waiting for the gluten-free donuts.

That is an idea.

I do not know, you have to stick with the fat and the sugar.


Number six is angie's list.

They reported a larger than estimated second-quarter loss and offered a bearish forecast for this quarter.

A number of firms are cutting their ratings on angie's list following the report.

Shares are trading at all-time low.

Number five, american airlines, flying high, soaring to a second-quarter profit with earnings topping estimates this morning and they also said they are paying their fair shareholder dividend in 34 years as part of a new capital deployment plan it gained from the merger with us airways.

Annual you believe it, american airlines finally in the black.

After all that drama, the bankruptcy, paying a dividend and everything.

One company still struggling with the cycle, caterpillar.

Earnings will be lower than analysts were estimating.

They see no signs of an upturn in the industry as mining companies have cut lines of dollars in spending.

Many were saying capx would pick up, and you hear this from caterpillar.

Same old song.

A strong performance for ford help to offset costs from introducing 23 numeral's. i think matt miller as every one of them.

Number two, general motors, missing second-quarter estimates with earnings falling 30% from last year.

Gm set aside $40 million to pay victims of faulty ignition switches, and they say the numbers might rise another $200 million.

Your number one stock of the your number one stock of the day, facebook.

They are poised to open at an all-time high.

The social network posting a 61% surge in second-quarter sales, powered once again by mobile ads.

Facebook has rallied 170 3% in the past year, making it the best performing stock in the s&p 500. i've seen a slew of price tag it upgrades this morning.

Let's bring in missing and -- a senior portfolio manager at american century investments.

He oversees $23 billion in assets.

He says diversification is investors' only protection from geopolitical shocks.

When you look at this global instead, it is a complete mess, from the middle east to russia and ukraine.

You know, catastrophes, whether they are natural or man-made, generally have significant negative impacts in the markets, but short-lived.

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